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29 Times This Star Baker Proved She's The Queen Of OMG Cakes

Bow down to this Sydney schoolteacher turned Instagram star.

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1. This is Katherine Sabbath.

4. She's a proud Aussie, born to a Vietnamese mother and German father.

Instagram: @katherine_sabbath

5. Almost two years ago she discovered Instagram.

"I got Instagram at a New Years Party because my friends all had it. I signed up two years ago, in 2013, when I bought my first iPhone. And then people started liking my stuff." Didn't they just...

7. And she's had a very good year. "2015 has been the year I learnt to say yes", Sabbath told BuzzFeed.

Instagram: @katherine_sabbath

8. She used to be a teacher...

Instagram: @katherine_sabbath

Buoyed by her Instagram success, Sabbath quit teaching in January to focus on cakes.

"I found teaching very rewarding and miss the students, but now I'm living the cake life. I'm trying to find meaning in it, and having lots of fun."

It's been a magnificent, meteoric rise.

11. And a very striking personal aesthetic.

Instagram: @katherine_sabbath

12. And not much room in her fridge for food.

Instagram: @katherine_sabbath

14. Though who needs food when you have these in your fridge!!!

Instagram: @katherine_sabbath

15. Katherine Sabbath makes incredible cakes.

Instagram: @katherine_sabbath

“I started experimenting with baking when I was 15, making cup cakes for friends birthdays and stuff. I always liked doing it for mates and started getting better in high school, taking cakes and desserts to parties as a way to break the ice.”

Some icebreaker!

18. Cakes.

Instagram: @katherine_sabbath

“The tall cakes are where it started for me. The only reasons they were tall was because I only had two six inch pans, that I bought on sale at Coles, when I needed to feed more people I just stuck them on top of each other.”

19. So where does the inspiration come from? “I think it comes down to my love of Goosebumps in Year 5," says Sabbath.

Instagram: @katherine_sabbath

"I loved the books, was a very shy kid with a stutter, and was quiet and really arty."

"I loved the title because it was embossed and slimy, really fluoro, a kind of sticky slime. And since then I've always loved tactile things, with striking aesthetics."

20. Inspired by some of her favourite things.

Instagram: @katherine_sabbath

23. And she has LOTS of fans!

"It's overwhelming, and often doesn’t hit me until I’m a room with cake enthusiasts. When I’m on my phone, you’re never aware of the impact, broadcasting to 200,000 “followers”. To see that translate that into people is really crazy."

24. Some of whom are REALLY crazy for her.

Instagram: @katherine_sabbath

26. Like why not, these are beautiful.

Instagram: @katherine_sabbath

28. She does lots of classes.

Instagram: @katherine_sabbath

"I dabbled in selling my cakes" says Sabbath. "But I didn’t find that very satisfying. Teaching cake classes is so fulfilling. I get to feed off my students’ creativity."

To give her fans more ways to connect, Sabbath recently launched a website and Facebook page.

Plans for 2016? "I want to continue supporting the home baking community, to make what I do meaningful for me. I just couldn't do it if people weren't posting online. I want to share my tips and tricks, and foster the creative world that is home baking."

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