23 Ingenious Australian Solutions To Everyday Problems

    Snag but no BBQ? Nothing a little Aussie inventiveness can't fix.

    1. No barbie? No problem...

    2. No time for gym? No worries...

    3. Exercise guilt? Solved.

    4. No Esky? Easy.

    5. Air con broken? Go natural.

    6. Still too hot? Chill.

    7. No hat? Improvise.

    8. No thongs? DIY.

    9. No cake whisk? Brrrrrrrrrrm.

    10. No book stand? She'll be right.

    11. Tattoo regrets?

    12. Leaves to blow?

    13. Pets to exercise?

    14. No TV cabinet?

    15. No car to go shopping?

    16. No steering wheel?

    17. No mudflaps?

    18. Lights broken?

    19. No trailer? No dramas.

    20. No ticket? No worries mate.

    21. No mate to help move? Easy.

    22. If in doubt, duct tape it.

    23. Or call Todd.