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    23 Times You Couldn't Escape Australia

    Straya Straya Straya.

    1. In a cracked egg.

    Ab Kazuya /

    2. In these baked beans.

    Elisha Greer /

    3. In this bread opened on Australia Day.

    Peagan Williams /

    4. In this Macca's egg.

    Emma Hales /

    5. In this Macca's chip.

    Ashley Alway /

    6. In this bacon.

    Ashalay Price /

    7. In this corn chip crumb.

    Hayley Roberts /

    8. In this pizza grease.

    9. In these roast lamb juices.

    Tiana Green /

    10. In this toilet bowl.

    Khan Chalmers /

    11. In the clouds.

    Anders Svan Jensen /

    12. In this water droplet.

    Josh Ludowyk /

    13. In this puddle.

    Amy Epple /

    14. In this rock.

    Kylie Facemyer /

    15. And this one.

    Steph Young /

    16. In this cave on the Great Ocean Road.

    George Kellogg /

    17. In this pothole in Scotland.

    Rhyzzz /

    18. In this birthmark.

    Zoe Ronchi /

    19. In this woman's birthmark – and the fondant she rolled.

    Katherine Anne Wehrung /

    20. In this bruise.

    Roberta Mignardi /

    21. In this nosebleed stain.

    David Sawyer /

    22. In this packet of Wizz Fizz.

    Lauren Ross /

    23. And in this smashed avo.

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