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This Insane Hyperlapse Brilliantly Showcases Instagram's New App

Melburnian films magnificent hyperlapse.

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Professional photographer Nathan Kaso has created a marvellous film of his home town and Melbourne has never looked so good.

Kaso is best known for his tilt-shift time-lapse films of Melbourne and Sydney, which typically employ expensive gear and months of planning.

This time he spent a day riding around Melbourne, filming with Instagram's new Hyperlapse iPhone app.

Nathan Kaso / Via

The results are ASTONISHING!

Nathan Kaso / Via

"The video quality is pretty lo-fi" says Kaso. "But that stabilisation technology is nothing short of amazing."

Nathan Kaso / Via

"The whole video was shot hand held, one hand to steer and one hand to hold the camera."

Nathan Kaso / Via

"All of the these shots are straight out of the app, with no post stabilisation or effects."

Nathan Kaso / Via

This is some seriously SPECTACULAR shit.

Nathan Kaso / Via

Watch here. It's AMAZE.

If you're feeling inspired, download Hyperlapse here.