23 Steps To Becoming A Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga Goddess

    Like surfing? Like yoga? A Sydney fitness guru is making magical waves.

    1. This is Charlotte Piho.

    2. The Cook Islander is a yoga natural.

    3. And a super-talented surfer.

    4. Specifically, she's a Stand Up Paddleboard surfer.

    5. A Stand-Up-Surfer-Yoga-Fanatic!

    6. Charlotte now lives near Bondi Beach, Australia.

    7. A while back she decided to combine her great passions.

    8. Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga was born!

    9. It certainly looks like Charlotte's workout works!

    10. Think yoga on dry land is hard?

    11. Imagine how tricky it is on a surfboard!

    12. Word quickly spread, classes sold out.

    13. Sydneysiders couldn't wait to get aboard.

    14. Whatever the weather.

    15. Charlotte headed up the NSW coast to Byron Bay.

    16. Taught #supyoga to devotees at Seal Rocks.

    17. And then headed home to the Cook Islands.

    18. If there's anything better than #supyoga in Australia, it's Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga in the South Pacific!

    19. Unsurprisingly, classes again proved popular.

    20. There are few better places to unwind right?

    21. No straining to get in touch with your inner zen over the pumping Body Attack in the gym studio next door.

    22. Charlotte Piho We Salute You.

    23. Your crazy exercise concept is THE GREATEST.

    Want to Workout On Water? Contact Charlotte here.