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Women Are Donning Hijabs For Selfies In Support Of Australia's Muslims

Women stand in solidarity by posting photos with the hashtag #WISH.

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Women in Solidarity with Hijabis is a Facebook page set-up to counter rising Islamophobia.

The page was created by lawyer Mariam Veiszadeh, who came to Australia as a refugee from Afghanistan.

Fairfax Media

"Every time we share these images the response that we get from everybody is just amazing," Veiszadeh told the ABC.

"Not only do Australian Muslim women appreciate it, everybody is incredibly grateful that this mere gesture of sharing photos has a much broader impact on the community."

The page was inspired by Ruth, "a good samaritan who wanted to stand in solidarity with Australian Muslim women by posting a picture of herself wearing the hijab".

The campaign was launched in response to calls to ban the burqa in Australia.

Within 24 hours of being set-up on September 25, the page was reaching people around the world.

Now with 26,000 Facebook likes, the campaign has attracted support from people of all beliefs: "I'm not a Muslim, an atheist in fact, but thought I would change my profile pic in support of Muslims everywhere" – Tina.

"Enough with judging or fearing someone based on a piece of material and awful assumptions. Compassion over fear" – Hannah and Jenna Marie.

"Regardless of color, ethnicity or religion, we are the same inside and that's all that matters" – Beck.

"In solidarity with the Australians who are ashamed to see Australia being represented by bigoted and compassionless people that want to encourage hate and division where there should be unity and love" – Grace.

To stand in solidarity with Australian Muslim women post your photo donning a hijab with the hashtag #WISH.