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The Opening Ceremony Began With A Giant Tribute To Goon

It looked just like Australia, and they even remembered Tasmania.

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Today's Olympic opening ceremony in Rio kicked off with a massive tribute to Australia's fave drink: goon.

Christian Petersen / Getty Images

Seconds into the most watched TV event of the year, 200+ giant goon bags almost entirely filled the stadium floor.

Christian Petersen / Getty Images

(For any non-Aussies reading, Goon is a popular very cheap cask wine in a plastic sack)

(We Aussies love our goon)

Getty Images

It looked just like a shitty goon bag map of Australia, and they even remembered Tasmania!

Ian Walton / Getty Images

Australians lost their goddamn minds.

Giant goon bags! Why didn't Australia think of that? #OpeningCeremony

#Rio2016 Tribute to aussie bogans with large goon bags.

Looks like the Brazilians have used massive goon bags as part of the opening ceremony in a nod to their Australian friends. #Rio2016

Giant goon bags. I don't need to see anymore. #OpeningCeremony

#goonbags are trending for the first time in its history. That's the magic of the Olympics #Rio2016

Loved the tribute to goon bags!!! #Olympics