People Are Psyched For New GAYTMs To Celebrate Pride

Cash out with pride Down Under. Bank redesigns ATMs for Sydney Mardi Gras.

1. Australia’s ANZ bank has redesigned its ATMs to celebrate Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

2. Ten cash machines have been radically overhauled to coincide with Sydney’s annual LGBT Pride parade and festival.

3. People are VERY happy!

“Lots of love in Sydney today #gaytm #bumsqueeze #pride”

“How much money do I need? #GAYTM #ANZ #Sydney #OxfordSt #GAY #LGBTI #Freedom #happiness”

“Very nice touch from @anz_au with their #GAYTM for mardi gras. And of course…it accepts ALL cards. #gaymoneyforall”

6. They look GREAT!

Another #GayTM leopard print #anz #MardiGras2014

— russty (@russtytuckle)

8. Apparently dollars come out SPARKLING!

9. ATM receipts are also joining the party.

10. ANZ are donating ATM fees from the machines to non-profit diversity organisation Twenty10.

Have you seen @ANZ_AU's GAYTMs? They are donating fees for non-ANZ cardholders from these machines to Twenty10.

— David Johnson (@_struct)

11. Onya ANZ!

“PROUD of you ANZ. Happy Mardi Gras Oxford St #gaytm”

12. Reactions have been overwhelmingly positive.

This is amazing and hilarious at the same time. Cash out, darling. Your bank shows its pride. #GAYTM.

— George Nguyen (@geetree)

Well done ANZ! Happy to bank with you! Haha #gaytm #pride

— Jaryd Collins (@jarydcollins)

How amazing are the ATM machines in city for mardi grass!!! #gaytm haha

— Sarah Pedley (@SarahPeds)

15. Some people weren’t impressed.

Not a fan of the #GayTM - reinforces predictable, old stereotypes. Surely a simple Rainbow would of sufficed?

— Will Spence (@willthestudent)

16. Others were unimpressed AND politically opposed.

Pleased to announce that the Christian Democratic Party does not do any banking with @ANZ_AU. Their #GayTM is nuts. Society > Profits

— Fred Nile (@frednile)

17. They were quickly dealt with.

@frednile @ANZ_AU Sending you peace, love and goodwill from the #GayATM Fred. Remember, Jesus doesn't discriminate.

— Matt Young (@MattYoung)

18. Some people just seemed to have an issue with the ANZ bank full stop.

All this bullshit about #GayTM... why would you keep your money with bank which invests in nuclear weaponry? #ANZ

— Beeza Geeza (@beezageeza)

19. But most seemed very supportive of the ANZ’s stunt.

I wasn't aware that stereotypes at Mardi Gras were frowned upon? I think it's great that ANZ are associating LGBTQIA w/ their brand. #GAYTM

— Dan Barrett (@TheDanBarrett)

20. The GAYTMs are named Hello Sailor, Mo Town, Pink Ink, Party People, Equal Love, Drag It Up, Pride, Unicorn Dream, Denim Darling and Go Wild. If you’re not in Sydney, check out #GAYTM on Twitter.

21. The campaign may have been inspired by an ATM in Brighton, England, during last year’s Gay Pride.

Whoop! First GAYTM spotted in Brighton! #Pride #GAYTM #LGBT @PrideBrighton

— Barclays Spectrum (@barclayspectrum)

22. If so, the ANZ have taken an acorn and made a mighty tree. Here’s how it came together. Great work ANZ!

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Simon Crerar is founding editor of BuzzFeed Australia and is based in Sydney.
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