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These Aboriginal Weavers Are Way More Badass Than You

Meet Oprah's mates from the Red Centre.

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Say G'day to Australia's Tjanpi Desert Weavers!

They have some pretty famous friends. Like Oprah...

Getty Images / Via Facebook: Tjanpi

And the Duchess of Cambridge.

Getty Images / Via Facebook: Tjanpi

They make amazing animals.

Beautiful baskets.

Tjunkaya Tapaya / Facebook: Tjanpi

And delightful jewelery made from desert seeds.

The group was set-up in 1995 to provide an income source for Indigenous women living in Australia's remote Red Centre.

Today more than 400 Aboriginal women artists from 28 remote communities work with Tjanpi.

The artists make sculptures, baskets, beads and beanies out of desert grasses, wool and raffia.

Their dog weavings are particularly popular.

The artists go bush to collect grasses to work with.

Each artwork is thus made up of actual parts of the land.

It's a beautiful landscape.

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The weavers come from communities in three states covering 350,000 square kms. A vast area!

Buy their stuff here!

Ladies, you DA BOMB!