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19 Times Australia's Weather Was Batshit Insane

Australia is a dry, desert nation with benign weather. Right? Ahem.

1. "Come here Brisbane, I'm gonna EAT you."

2. "Beach time's over Bondi. Try riding this wave."

3. "Good Morning Far North Queensland. First I'm going to roll you up, then I'm going to smoke you."

4. "Yes Kalgoorlie, I am an alien spaceship unleashing hell."

5. "I might look like a storm Cape York, but I'm actually a giant swarm of flying spiders. Or that thing from Independence Day."

6. "Wake up Sydney, I'm going to swallow you up."

7. "And you Gold Coast. You said you wanted a foamy cappucino right?"

8. "Think it's hot Alice Springs? Howabout a bit of a fire tornado to warm things up?"

9. "Hey you Mr Hot Stuff. Howabout I cool you off?"

10. "Wadduya mean you've never seen a tsunami of sand at sea before?! This is AUSTRALIA mate, pull yourself together."

11. "Seriously, these things are constantly circling your coastline. There is no escape."

12. "I may look 'kind of cool' Barrow Island, but I'm about to eat your airport."

13. "There are 99 things that can kill you in this picture, and only one of them is me."

14. "Get ready to meet your maker Geelong."

15. "Yes, I am literally melting the Earth with my unstoppable force. What you going to do about it?"

16. "Morning Menindee Lakes. First I'm going to rain down lightning, then I'm going to strip every tree, finally I'm going to remix your colour via electromagnetic fields. What you got?"

17. "Oh I'm sorry Mr Tourist, did my desert dust storm ruin your Sydney Harbour photo opportunity?"

18. "Off to Mordor for you Brisbane."

19. "STILL NOT SCARED OF ME?! Howabout I spark some lightning in the shape of your country?!"

In all seriousness, Australia often endures extreme weather including bushfires, floods and cyclones. Ours is a nation with a Catastrophic Fire Danger Rating (even higher than Extreme). So take care people.

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