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    19 Reasons The Courier Mail Is Killing It

    Queensland's wittiest tabloid is on fire.

    1. Brisbane's Courier Mail newspaper has another cracking front page today, featuring new revelations about mining tycoon turned politician Clive Palmer.

    2. It's the latest in a long line of original, enticing splashes from Queensland's best-selling paper.

    3. Coverage of the Baden-Clay murder trial has been strikingly succinct (on the front – inside coverage has been unbeatably comprehensive).

    4. At times, the Courier Mail has exploded newspaper conventions to sell the story as dramatically as possible.

    5. At other times the entire cover has been cleared to deliver one important message.

    6. This is a paper at the very top of its game (whether you agree with its politics or not).

    7. Bold headlines delivered with maximum effectiveness.

    8. Keen to celebrate when Queensland celebrates.

    9. But always focused on the story.

    10. Never forgetting the knock-out power...

    11. ...of an effective pun.

    12. The Courier Mail has consistently set the nation's news agenda with strikingly humorous splashes that get people talking.

    13. Brilliantly witty responses to the day's news.

    14. Powerful front pages capturing Brisbane's mood.

    15. And the outrage of a state and nation.

    16. The paper made international news ahead of last year's first Ashes cricket test match, when it refused to use Stuart Broad's name in match reports.

    17. Sticking to its guns when England claimed first blood.

    18. Then reveling in it's highly original sledging when England collapsed.

    19. Before eventually basking in Australia's series triumph.

    Courier Mail editors, sub editors and designers, we salute you. Kevin Rudd probably not so much.