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    23 Pictures You'll Never Want To See Again

    Warning: avoid this post if you have just eaten or are squeamish.

    1. Do these post-cornea-transplant stitches make you feel a bit wobbly?

    2. This MASSIVE ant give you the heebie jeebies?

    3. This Australian electricity meter?

    4. This hornet nest formed around a mask in a shed?

    5. What about this guy's bizarre baby?

    6. Surely this sea creature freaks you out?

    7. This anti-livestock-predator donkey?

    8. This weird-ass Venezuelan bird?

    9. Fancy swilling on this backseat passenger?

    10. Sitting beside this weird looking table leg?

    11. What about this girl with a sewing needle in her knee?

    12. Like x-rays? What about this one of a pregnant dog?

    13. Dead dogs freak you out? How about this coyote frozen in gas station garbage?

    14. This dog-eating wild pig?

    15. Messy right? Do you like messy? What about this hotel pool?

    16. Still, there could be worse places for a swim right?

    17. How do you think you'd go sharing a pool with these guys?

    18. Late night dips are so exciting right?

    19. Or maybe you fancy a refreshing late night toxic algae bloom dip?

    20. While we're on the subject of gross, how would you feel if this was flicked on your car?

    21. Still, it could be worse right?

    22. How about a warm-down?

    23. Or maybe you fancy a little sit down?

    So how did you go?

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