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Who Is The Hottest BuzzFeed Bro?

American Psycho obsessive Brad or wrestlemaniac Nick?

Today saw a dramatic moment in The Greatest Love Story of 2014*.

For today, Australia's BuzzFeed Bros (staff writers Brad Esposito and Nick Wray) cemented their bromance by moving into their first home together.

It thus seems like as good a day as any to answer the most important question of our age:

Here's a few more pics to help you make a decision.

Brad hanging with a python (left). Nick chilling with a kangaroo (right).

Or run for the hills.

They LOVE cats.

And each other (mostly).

Brad loves American Psycho.

Nick loves WWE wrestling.

But their love for one another transcends everything.


Follow @BuzzFeedBros, @braddybb and @50ShadesofWray to find out how the move went.

Here is @braddybb carrying an extremely heavy box. He probably has his ego in it. #NickelBradsBigMove2k14


Workin hard, playin footsie @50ShadesOfWray @braddybb