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22 Baby Elephants Totally Nailing The Elephant Thing

"So, I'm the biggest creature on Earth?!"

1. "Relax guys, I've got this."

2. "I'm pretty goddamn scary right?"

3. "There's nothing I'm afraid of..."

4. "Nothing gets in my way."

5. "Like nothing."

6. "I'm one bad ass motherf*cker."

7. "I can run! So excited!"

8. "The faster I move my tail, the faster I go!"

9. "Wanna race?"

10. "Woah! Everything looks far from up here."

11. "If in doubt, seek shelter."

12. "Who needs to swim when you touch the bottom?"

13. "Wait a sec, someone moved the bottom."


15. "Meanwhile: I can flap my ears."

16. "I can climb too."

17. "Nothing can hold me back."

18. "I'm the biggest animal on Earth. Don't mess!"

19. "HEY! That's MINE!"

20. "I've totally got your back."

21. "Yay! Visitor!"

22. "Oh man, I'm tired."

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