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25 Critters That Will Kill You (With Their Cuteness)

Forget the deadly snakes and spiders. Australia's animals will melt your heart.

1. This pygmy possum.

2. This wonderful wombat.

3. This joey with a broken foot.

4. This guy hitching a ride.

5. This wallaby with a toy kangaroo.

6. This bundle of love.

7. This sunbaking wombat.

8. This winking wonder.

9. This rock wallaby family.

10. This koala with a sick mum.

11. These dingo pups.

12. This albino koala.

13. And this albino wallaby.

14. This curious guy.

15. This hungry wee man.

16. This joey in jammies.

17. This hungry possum.

18. This photogenic lady.

19. These kookas.

20. These platypus.

21. The contents of this Animal Kingdom mug.

22. The contents of this washing basket.

23. This tipsy P-Plater.

24. This photobombing quokka.

25. And this tired little chap.