Australian Billionaire James Packer In Street Brawl With Best Mate

Billionaire casino mogul trades punches with former best man. Interweb LOLs.

1. Crown Casino and Channel Ten tycoon James Packer has had a sensational punch-up with his former best man, Channel Nine CEO David Gyngell.


2. The story first broke via a Facebook status update.

3. Casino and media mogul Packer (pictured here with former wife Erica) is Australia’s second richest man, worth $6.4 Billion.


4. Packer owns television network Ten, his sparring partner Gyngell owns rival Nine.

5. A set of explosive pictures show Packer in a vicious punch-up with his friend of 35 years.

6. No love was lost.

Witness says James Packer and David Gyngell were “like two mad dogs at each other’s throats” during Bondi streetfight

— The Australian (@australian)

7. This is NOT one of those pictures.

Here is the pic of the fight between James Packer & David Gyngell for free. You're welcome @9NewsAUS & @Y7News.

— Jonathon Makai (@JonoMakai)

8. Predictably, social media has been having a field day.

First photo released of James Packer and David Gyngell fighting in Bondi yesterday:

— Stephen Harrington (@_StephenH)

9. Mainly with a sumo wrestler theme.

Explosive images of James Packer and David Gyngell fighting!

— Theteak (@Theteak)

The site confronting Gyngell when he decided to mess with Packer #scary #braveorstupid

— I AM FOR SALE (@uknowiSS)

11. Though not entirely…

Not sure if this is one of the photos from the Packer / Gyngell bout.

— Sally Sara (@sallyjsara)

These 𠆏irst pics' of James Packer & David Gyngell’s punch-up are pretty great

— Brendan Casey (@BrendoHeraldSun)

This may or may not be the first image of the James Packer vs David Gyngell fight

— Ric Allport (@SuperTriviaGuy)

BREAKING: Another image of Packer/Gyngell brawl emerges.

— Jarryd (Straffo) (@ShootFlexo)

Breaking Lies; *** First photos of the fight between James Packer and his mate David Gyngell at Bondi Beach.

— Ali Yesilyurt (@Ali_Yesilyurt)

Breaking... First pic of mad, mad, mad, mad brawl released.

— Nick Leys (@leysie)

Makin casinos, datin models & fightin round the world!! #packerpunchup #Packer

— Joel Gelding (@JoelGelding)

While his bodyguards stood by, James Packer squared up to David Gyngell. #maynotbeactualphoto #closedepictionthough

— Cate Pearce (@CateP36)

#JamesPacker and #channel9 CEO #DavidGyngell reportedly photographed during an altercation…

— Star 1045 (@star1045)

EXCLUSIVE First Photo of Packer v Gyngell fight

— Chris Johnson (@Dream_Brother_)

OK what am i bid for the first pic of the Packer/Gyngell punch up?

— Sergio Paradise (@serge_para)

22. The images were taken outside Packer’s multimillion-dollar Bondi Beach home on Sunday afternoon, and show the pair trading blows.

“The pair eventually fell to the ground and continued wrestling,” reported the Sydney Morning Herald, “before being forcibly separated by people who appeared to be Packer’s bodyguards.”
“Gyngell was waiting outside Packer’s house early on Sunday afternoon, sitting on the boot of his car for about 20 minutes as the casino mogul was chauffeured home after arriving aboard his private jet at Sydney Airport.”
“Witnesses said no pleasantries were exchanged when Packer saw Gyngell, but rather a flurry of profanities broke out before the pair were embroiled in a physical exchange as passers-by looked on in shock.”

23. A media bidding war is underway for the sensational pictures. Memes are imminent…

Media Bidding war for photos of Gyngel vs Packer bust up. Then it'll be a meme war for Junkee vs Pedestrian vs Buzzfeed vs A Rational Fear.

— Dan Ilic (@danilic)

24. In the meantime, Twitter had some suggestions.

Here's a great Liberal Party fundraising idea: sell tickets to watch James Packer and David Gyngell punch each other.

— Jeff Sparrow (@Jeff_Sparrow)

25. Channel Nine Publicity have released a statement.

Via Victoria Buchan – Director of Communications and PR / Channel Nine


EXCLUSIVE pictures of brawl between long-time friends James Packer and David Gyngell.

— The Daily Telegraph (@dailytelegraph)

BREAKING: James Packer and David Gyngell interrupt News Corp logo group photo.

— Gus Bruno (@gusbru07)

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