19 Dead Set Legendary Photobombers

    A party isn't a proper party without a gatecrasher.

    1. The Randy Roo.

    2. The Curious Currawong.

    3. The Delighted Dolphin.

    4. The Eager Emu.

    5. And his excited mate.

    6. The Flying Kangaroo.

    7. The Wineglass Bay Wallaby.

    8. The Wonderful Wrasse.

    9. The "Oh, Hi!!! CHEESE" Parrotfish.

    10. And this Bump-Head hogging the limelight (parrotfish really love photobombing!)

    11. The Cheeky Cockatoo.

    12. The Clowning Around Clown Fish.

    13. The Curious Lorikeet.

    14. And his expertly timed Low-Flying Mate.

    15. The Dominating Dugong.

    16. The Elated Elephant Seal.

    17. The Gorgeous Giraffe.

    18. The Very Hungry Gorilla.

    19. And last but not least, Mr OMG Quokka.

    Photobombers of Australia, we salute you!