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21 Student Confessions About The Hell That Is Australian High School

School kids are sharing secrets on Whisper.

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1. On coping strategies.

2. On the pressure of pressure.

3. On the stresses of stress.

4. On the agonies of classmates.

5. On the brutal honesty of teenagers.

6. On being unable to escape.

7. On winning respect.

8. On peer pressure.

9. On public displays of emotion.

10. On boys and their goddamn priorities.

11. On experimentation and awakenings.

12. On extracurricular activities.

13. On unrequited love.

14. On looking the other way.

15. On the pains of actually having to get out of bed.

16. On the fear of essays.

17. On annoying rules.

18. On being disciplined for employing wizard insults.

19. On doing anything to avoid school.

20. On feeling unfulfilled.

21. On the delights that await beyond Year 12.

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