18 Vintage Snaps That Show People Have Always Acted Like Idiots

    Seems we've always acted up for the camera.

    1. This goat standing on a soldier near Darwin in 1941.

    2. (Not as good as these four Queenslanders riding goats in 1918.)

    3. These Australian lumberjacks shaving in England, 1941.

    4. These synchronised surfers at Manly in 1938.

    5. This couple on a Malvern Star tandem bicycle, 1937.

    6. These guys playing musical chairs with horses at the Royal Adelaide Show in 1938.

    7. This couple showing off at Bondi Beach, 1935.

    8. This car bogged in mud at Innisfail, Far North Queensland, 1925.

    9. This flooded butcher at Goondiwindi in 1921.

    10. This Marrickville-born mermaid who campaigned for a change in the swimwear laws, 1920.

    11. This railway to nowhere at the Burdekin River, 1917.

    12. This guy leaning against a cow, 1917.

    13. This fisherman living dangerously in 1916.

    14. This girl dressed to the nines, 1915.

    15. And this girl standing on a man's shoulders, St. Kilda, 1909.

    16. This guy dressed up as Robinson Crusoe in 1888.

    17. This man standing at the base of a large fig tree in what is now Brisbane, 1866.

    18. And this first known photograph of inebriated Aussie, c1863.