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    27 Angry Reactions To Australia's Shark Cull

    Thousands have rallied against Western Australia's catch-and-kill policy.

    Western Australians are angry.

    Their government has begun culling sharks.

    Shark supporters rallied today at Cottesloe Beach.

    And at #noWAsharkcull events across Australia.

    WA Premier Colin Barnett is pushing ahead with the controversial cull despite overwhelming opposition.

    1. People are angry that the cull has begun despite marine biologists saying there is no scientific evidence it will reduce attacks.

    2. Mr Barnett appears to have few fans.

    3. Some would like to see the Premier removed from his natural environment.

    4. Surfers are against the cull.

    5. Dogs are against the cull.

    6. Basically everyone who spends time in the ocean is opposed to the slaughter.

    7. Worried about sharks ancient lineage being threatened.

    8. Because this is the most dangerous creature in the sea.

    9. And sharks need to be given the respect they deserve.

    10. There was a big #noWAsharkcull crowd in Melbourne.

    11. (Melbournites love sharks)

    12. Big crowds at Sydney's Manly Beach.

    13. And at The Entrance on the NSW Central Coast.

    14. The Gold Coast sent an SOS.

    15. Sydneysiders had fun with their protest signs.

    16. Everyone was united in their desire to Save Our Sharks.

    17. Including Finding Nemo's Bruce.

    18. People of all ages demonstrated.

    19. And everywhere the sentiment was the same...

    20. People need to get their priorities right.

    21. Politicians should leave sharks alone.

    22. And the only thing to fear is fear itself.

    23. Marine biodiversity = important.

    24. Are sharks really are the biggest danger threatening Australians?

    25. Should coconuts be banned?

    26. What about water!?

    27. The People Have Spoken!

    Will WA's government listen? Sharks have rights too after all.