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Ameristralia Is The Greatest Nation On Earth (According To The Internet)

America and Australia are great nations. United? Unstoppable!

G'day, and Happy Fourth of July!

1. Having both freed ourselves from the British yoke, America and Australia have long been best mates.

2. This friendship recently blossomed into a full-blown Trans-Pacific internet love affair.

3. It fueled a campaign to combine the two nations in order to achieve internet – if not world – domination.

4. A belief that "materiots" can reshape the boundaries of the known world into something better.

5. A conviction that Ameristralia is the Greatest Nation On Earth.

6. Where the internet sun never sets, with North Ameristralians and South Ameristralians forever on watch.

7. According to Urban Dictionary, the unification already happened.

8. The discovery of friends 10,000 miles away has made everyone very emotional.

9. While one half of the nation is sleep, the other remains eternally vigilant.

10. Ameristralia has bypassed Russia to be the world's biggest country.

11. The eaoalga has taken flight.

12. A national slogan has been coined.

13. Enemies silenced.

14. Maps redrawn.

15. Matriots honoured.

16. National monuments reunified.

17. Passports issued.

18. Tattoos inked.

19. Travel adaptors reconfigured.

20. T-shirts printed.

21. Plans made to send convicts to the UK.

22. And schemes to conquer the known universe.

23. For any Australian-loving American or American-loving Australian (so basically EVERYONE), Reddit's r/ameristralia is the happiest place on the internet.

24. TOURISTS: when visiting Ameristralia, watch out for majestic eageroos at sunset.

25. And remember...

26. All together now...

27. BFF.