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Stop Shopping For A Mattress. The D'Amelio Sisters Already Designed One For You

Dream like a D'Amelio on the Charli & Dixie X Simmons memory foam mattress.

No one likes mattress shopping. There are way too many options and sifting through thousands of online reviews is a total pain, right?

Confused girl looking at her phone

Good thing your fave influencers Charli and Dixie D'Amelio have already designed a mattress that's perfect for you!

Charli and Dixie standing in front of a bed with their mattress on it

Charli and Dixie created this mattress to be everything to everyone.

Charlie drinking from a water bottle and sitting on the mattress

It's got two inches of soothing gel memory foam that contours to your body so you can hang out on your bed.

Close-up of the mattress

A 1.5-inch motion isolation layer is specially designed to make sure no one disturbs your dreams.

Picture of the bed with the mattress on it

And this bad boy will never cave cause it's got a supportive base layer of foam that relieves tension and stress while you make your dreams happen.

Charli and Dixie sitting on the mattress

And have you ever seen a mattress that's this stylish?

Convinced? Make the Charli & Dixie x Simmons memory foam mattress the launchpad for your dreams. 😴

Images via Simmons unless otherwise noted.