10 Reasons We Need To Stop Talking About Feminism

I do not dispute that there are still issues of gender-based discrimination. However, we should begin to treat feminism as the norm rather than a radical idea.The fastest way for feminism to become the norm is to treat it as such. We can accelerate this process by taking it upon ourselves to lead by example and confronting issues of gender inequality head on instead of asking “what if?”.

1. Because we need to lead by example, not by theory.

The fastest way for feminism to become the norm is to treat it as such.

2. Because the time for talking about feminism was fifty years ago.

It’s 2012. Now is time to act like feminists.

3. Because we are not scared of men hurting us when we walk outside alone at night.

We are afraid of rapists, burglars, and murderers hurting us.

4. Because the best way to break down gender stereotypes is to break down gender stereotypes

not by talking about breaking down gender stereotypes.

5. Because we need to act like we deserve workplace equality because we are people, not because we are women.

6. Because women should not be portrayed as victims of society

We cannot empower women while simultaneously victimizing them. Unfortunately, the term “feminism” has a negative connotation. Women who identify as feminists are often seen as “playing the victim” when in fact they just want to be heard.

7. Because feminism is not a radical idea and we should stop treating it as such.

8. Because every child should grow up a feminist without ever hearing the word “feminism”.

Too often young children get the message that being a girl is a reason not to be able to do something. Children should grow up in an environment where their value is defined by their kindness, not by their gender.

9. Because we don’t need feminism to make us feel comfortable with our gender, sexuality, or the partners we chose to surround ourselves with.

10. Because our empowerment comes from our humanity, not our gender.

We shouldn’t need a label to understand that everyone is equal despite his or her gender.

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