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    Man Proposes To 100 Women In Middle Of Time Square

    (June 15, 2021 – New York, NY) - Providing an experience of a lifetime, 100 brides-to-be in white wedding gowns exited the New York Marriott Marquis located on Broadway and 45th on Memorial Day. Wearing a tuxedo, actor, and social media influencer, Juhahn Jones led 100 women to the infamous red stairs located in the center of Times Square, swaying to Jagged Edge’s “Let’s Get Married-Remix”. There he dedicated a public speech expressing his sincere gratitude and appreciation towards all women while acknowledging how beautiful and valuable they are. He then went down on one knee and asked all 100 women to marry him.

    Man Proposes To 100 Women In Middle Of Time Square

    Juhahn Jones in New York with 100 Brides

    100 Brides Dancing In The Streets Of New York

    100 Brides Dancing in the Streets of New York

    You Married Dat???

    You Married Dat Productions, LLC, will hit theatres and Clustr.TV

    Man Proposes to 100 Women In Middle of Times Square NYC

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