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17 Plant-Based Dishes You Need To Try This Summer

Recipes that are good for you and good for the planet!

1. Sip on this berry delicious pink sweetheart smoothie.

2. Indulge your cravings with this vegan mac 'n' cheese.

3. Enjoy a cookie and a smoothie in the same bowl? Whoa!

4. If you're looking for your coconut fix, look no further with this coconut horchata.

5. Get that protein in while still enjoying a nice chocolate flavour.

6. Get rolling with some fresh spring rolls packed with vegetables.

7. Wrap your lips around the best-ever vegan burger.

8. Or go spicy with a burger made of cauliflower and chickpeas.

9. Tantalize your taste buds with these popsicles that taste like a warm summer breeze.

10. Find a new breakfast staple with these vegan pancakes.

11. Ever heard of a watermelon pizza? Your mind will be blown.

12. Wake up your taste buds with this flavourful banana bread.

13. Add some colour to your day with this picture-perfect smoothie bowl.

14. Have fun with this deliciously dairy-free take on French onion dip.

15. Snack on "wings" that are so tender and crispy, you'll forget that they're made of cauliflower.

16. Feel like you're on a tropical beach with this smoothie bowl.

17. Trust us, these strawberry shortcake popsicles are full of flavour.

Get inspired to try more plant-based recipes with Silk Canada.