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10 Exercise Tips That Will Get You Pumped To Work Out Again

Go pull out all your headbands — it's sweatin' time. Get pumped with these tips, then try Silk® Protein+Fiber Almondmilk for a satisfying post-workout refreshment.

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1. Grab a buddy.

Whether you're working with a trainer or just a friend, it's super helpful to have a buddy to keep you motivated... and to make sure you actually get to the gym.

2. Stretch it out. /

Stretching is good for the joints. But it's also a good way to keep your energy up in between sets. So don't just sit there, lazy.

3. Pick a muscle group. /

It can be super tempting to work out every single part of your body because you may never get back to the gym, so you better go big now... right? Wrong. Choose a muscle group to focus on every time you get to the gym and vary groups so you can give your muscles time to recover in between workouts.

4. Try out super sets.

Combine two exercises in a circuit to maximize your energy output. Be really clever with your exercise choice, and you can do an entire workout without having to get off that one bench you claimed when you got to the gym.

5. Push then pull.

Try to alternate pushing and pulling exercises so as not to exhaust your muscles before you finish your workout. For example, do push-ups, then pull-ups. It's not as complicated as you're making it.

6. Don't ignore your legs.

Just don't. Squats and lunges will strengthen your core, which will help you lift more weight when exercising your glamor muscles.

7. Tone using your own body weight.

It's easy to find your weight limit. But when it comes to toning with light weights, it can be hard to find the perfect rep-weight ratio. So do exercises that utilize your own body weight to avoid that headache. This will also probably make you look like a gymnast, so.

8. Add an infinity set.

After you've completed your last set, cut the weight in half and do a final "infinity" set, performing as many reps as you can. This adds a toning element to every workout.

9. Strengthen your abs.

Don't work out your abs expecting to get a six pack. The motion that engages your abdominal muscles does nothing to burn the fat that is covering those muscles. Instead, make it your goal to strengthen your abs like you would any other region of your body. This will build up your abs as you work to cut down that belly.

10. End with cardio.

When you start your workout with cardio, you risk exhausting your body before you get to any weight training. Push the cardio to the end to ensure that you get the full benefit of your workout.

Pro tip: Cardio will get you that six pack faster than crunches, so, don't skip it either.

No matter how you do it, Silk® Protein+Fiber Almondmilk is the perfect addition to any workout.