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12 Animals Who Want You To Stick With Your Resolutions

February is when our motivation for resolutions starts to trickle away. It's pep talk time! Here's some helpful advice for some of the most common resolutions, brought to you by Silk Bloom.

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1. "Put that slice down and back away from the table."


If Pizza Dog can give up the junk food, then so can you.

2. "Savor the experience of eating better food."


Changing how you think about the act of eating is a good way to break junk food habits.

3. "Coffee alarm. Coffee alarm. Coffee alarm."


This bird really wants you to stick to your two-cup limit.

4. "Do two more crunches than you think you need."


This little guy knows that exercise is a lot harder if you expect immediate results. Slow and steady progress is all you need.

5. "Yoga feels gooooood." / Via

And don't forget that yoga is as much about relaxation and stress reduction as it is about burning calories.

6. "Veggies veggies veggies!"


You'll be surprised how much better your body feels if you work big salads into your daily meal plans.

7. "Organization is easy. A place for everything, and everything in its place."


Clean home, clean mind. And boxes are fun to play with!

8. "Express your love through deeds as well as words."


If your resolution is spending more quality time with a significant other, then you should follow the lead of this very suave cat.

9. "Half the battle of finishing that novel is starting it."


Listen to this cat; she's written two bestsellers.

10. "Just start the dang book! Reading is always fun once you get started."


This cat wants you to remember how much you loved reading before you started using Twitter and Facebook.

11. "You had enough wine in 2013 to be good for a while."


Sleepy cat wants you to save it for special occasions.

12. "Nothing feels better than helping others!"


And if you're making an effort to be more involved in the community, get a load of this sloth who's devoted his life to charity — he's completely at peace.