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    21 Photos That Will Give Anyone Who Went To Uni In Glasgow Intense Flashbacks

    No night out will ever beat Octo at the Arches. RIP.

    1. There was a different club for every single night of the week, and you knew them all by heart.

    2. You went drinking before you went drinking.

    Twitter: @DriftwoodBar1

    Pre-drinks at places like Driftwood were pretty much mandatory, especially sickly sweet ones. £1.50 for a Skittle Bomb? Don't mind if I do.

    3. You probably knew someone who'd tried (and failed) to conquer 12-Hour Tuesday. / Creative Commons

    Long nights and cheap drinks; a students best friend, and worst enemy.

    4. Wednesday nights meant £1 drinks in Bamboo.


    It also meant a 45-minute queue. At least.

    5. Followed by Octo at The Arches.

    The only club you'd consider wearing a swimsuit to.

    6. Where you'd inevitably get "married" to your mates at the fake wedding chapel.

    Twitter: @clubphotographs

    RIP, Arches. We'll miss you.

    7. Thursday night was spent queueing for Jellybaby.

    Twitter: @O2ABC

    Who else was freaked out by those giant, hanging jellybaby corpses?

    8. And you'd spend Friday in your student union, especially if a certain someone was in the house.

    Tiesto and David Guetta have nothing on DJ Toast.

    9. Or The Garage, where if you didn't get in the front door, you'd just walk round the side.

    Flickr: kingscotto / Creative Commons

    They really didn't have the best security set up.

    10. Saturdays were all about rifling through the second-hand books at Voltaire and Rousseau with a hangover.

    Flickr: jimmcd / Creative Commons

    Until you were mildly injured in a bookalanche.

    11. You'd spend your student loan in here, trying to get the "proper" student look.

    12. Or, if you had more of a retro* style you'd usually be found here.

    Mr. Ben's: the place to go for clothes from yesteryear.


    13. Or in Vintage Guru on Byres Road.

    14. Although getting dressed up to go out is a bit different if you're a Glasgow student.

    Twitter: @AMcDx

    Brightly coloured, extra-youthful golfers remain a common sight around Glasgow, particularly during freshers week.

    15. You even turned public transport into a drinking game.

    Twitter: @cammyhudson

    Subcrawls were (and still are) a true right of passage, and if you managed to find a pub near West Street you were already winning.

    17. You could go to the 3-in-1 for a classic chips and cheese.

    Yelp / Creative Commons

    And raise your eyebrows at the fact they claimed to have invented the chips and cheese phenomenon. Hmmm.

    18. Or get something a little more exciting from The Maggie.

    Twitter: @getbobonthejob

    The Scooby Snack = a heart attack in a polystyrene box.

    19. Summer meant only one thing: getting as pissed as possible in Kelvingrove before it started raining.

    Twitter: @joedevine96

    Getting a carry-out and heading to Kelvingrove Park was a beloved and truly blissful pastime. Taps-aff optional.

    20. And of course, you weren't a Glasgow student until you'd been "birthed" by this questionable-looking statue.

    21. In short, being a student in this amazing, batshit city was the best thing ever.