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    45 Times The 70s-80s Gave Us The Sexiest Men Of All Time.

    Rock n' Roll, Hair, Make Up, ready y'all ?! (Caution : Hot content, you could burn yourself.)

    45. Take me now, Rollins.

    44. 10 points to Ozzy Osbourne !

    43. OK I literally can’t handle this.

    But oh, Prince, how i’d still love to try...

    42. I like my coffee with a lot of sugar and a splash of milk.

    41. The New York Dolls set the rules of sexiness.

    And their lead singer... God ! he's one hell of a lover.

    40. Okaaaay, and now I’m uncomfortable..

    39. Jon Bon Jovi is da bomb.

    38. What about Japan ?

    Well Japan has two Hotties.

    Steve Jansen : David's brother and Japan's drummer

    "Hey, wanna Tralala with me ? "

    37. Angus Young was a fine piece of ass too.

    36. Queen's drummer, Roger Taylor.

    35. Duran Duran : a gift from above.

    There is Nick Rhodes.

    Simon Le Bon, lead singer.

    Def the hottest Duran Duran : John Taylor.

    Also, this is the cutest thing ever, okay ?

    34. Jeez, here's Jon Babe Lion Face Bon Jovi again !

    33. Marc Bolan and his guitar.

    32. ROD, DO IT TO ME !

    31. Johnny Rotten + Sid Vicious : disturbingly hot.

    30. Everybody calm down, this is not an exercise.

    29. Chris Isaak makes my hiney itchy.

    28. Iggy Pop, CAN YOU NOT.

    27. The Knack have the knack.

    Berton Averre makes you wish you were a guitar.

    26. Billy Idol, thou hast ravished my heart.

    25. Poison will break your heart as well.

    Why ?

    24. Jovi ! I was saving myself !

    23. Jimi Hendrix : sex on legs.

    22. Oops, things just got a bit sillier with the boys from a-ha.

    Especially with Morten Harket, their lead singer.

    *Ovaries just exploded*

    21. The Clash was one of the hottest bands.

    Cuz they had Paul Simonon, you know.

    20. Led Zep's hotties in da place. Woop woop.

    19. DAMN I wanna be in the middle of that hot, dripping sandwich !

    And Steven Tyler : sex on toast.

    18. What the heck Bon Jovi you .... ooh hellooooooo.

    17. Slash.

    16. Yes. I don’t care what the question is, Gilmour, just yes.

    15. Kurt, Kurt, Kurt...Iet’s just take a bath together and it’ll all be ok :) !

    I mean, who could say no to that shaggy blonde hair ?

    14. Definite danger to the security of virtue everywhere !

    Oh Jim, you had me at hello.

    13. Van Halen effect, babe.

    12. Looking good there, captain tight pants.

    11. Bruce Springsteen, I... I mean... You... Er.

    10. Hurmf, Sebastian Bach !

    9. Michael Hutchence, ladies and gentlemen.

    8. Alright now ... yes ... nummylicious ...

    Pecs, pecs, pecs, pecs O.O

    7. Red HOT HOT HOT Chili Peppers !

    Yep. That does exist.

    6. Sting....

    What was I saying … Ok, I can’t think properly while staring at this picture!

    5. A five thousand pound truck of FUCK YES !

    4. There's Nuno Bettancourt of Extreme who hits Hotness Level 1000.

    3. Axl Rose : Bon appétit

    He... he... he's... hot...

    2. David Bowie. DAVID BOWIE.

    (Mick Ronson, Bowie's guitarist, wakes up the beast in me as well.)

    1. Aaaahhh... The Rolling Stones !

    There is cupcake numero uno : Jagger.

    Those lips... those hips... that hair... that butt... jagger’s got swagger

    And there is cupcake numero dos : Richards.

    Conclusion ?