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    • sierrap3

      Everyone remembers the Krusty Krab Pizza ep! It was BY FAR my favorite, probably was many others too! And the fact that they are doing a play off Boy Meets World with Cory and Tapanga’s daughter, if we (18+ people) start watching that with the younger gens, they will have no clue that we used to watch the same show with the parents as the kids. And quite frankly, I don’t know any 15 and under who know what a furby is. Oh and one more thing, I’m 18 and I know very well how to get around with just a map. Even if it takes a second to orient myself, I can find north. My family didn’t see a need for a GPS until my mothers work provided one a few years ago. Till then, we had used a map because we had other priorities than getting our printer working to print from mapquest. I’m leaving for college this week and I asked my dad specifically for a map combo for my car of the state, city, and town of my school just in case in addition to my GPS. Finally, I feel like they should add the use of a phone book!

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