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10 Must Do Locations To Be Visit

Australia ... commonly called "The Land Down Under" (The Earth down there), awakens the senses to any inveterate traveler; Is a must destination, not only for its incredible beaches and incomparable beauty, but also for its unique ecosystem in its class.

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Australia offers everything a traveler seeks : spectacular cities, beaches, mountains of exuberant beauty, unique wildlife in its class, cultural mixes and Aboriginal culture intact. If it's the first time you visit Australia, your whole ecosystem will be completely new to you, think. In what other destination in the world can you say the same?

This is the main reason why thousands upon thousands visit Australia every year; tourists come to Australia with Australia visa attracted by the unique beauty, amazing animals that you can only admire in " the land of plenty, where women glow and men plunder ". ( Excerpt from the song "Down Under" by Men at work )

If you would like to visit this beautiful and unique country notes these 10 essential places of Australia and enjoy the wonders of down there .

1.The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is a place you have to go to at least once in your life. This beautiful Heritage is simply indescribable. 2,300 kilometers of coral reef making it the world, home to countless marine species, some known and many unknown biggest coral system.

The best way to discover this beautiful jewel of nature is ... diving! On the beautiful island of Magnetic there are many tour operators willing to to rent scuba and help you live a unique experience.

2. The Whitsundays

Navigating the incredible waters of the Coral Sea is something simply difficult to resist, it becomes a necessity to navigate the Whitsundays. 74 paradise islands! Perfect whether you travel as a couple and want some privacy or if you travel alone and look for a moment to enjoy your solitude.

The Island Blue Pearl is the best place to enjoy a relaxing swim or scuba diving. You imagine being in the white sand of white haven beach watching the full moon or being on Hook Island watching a spectacular sunset.

3. Kangaroo Island

The most famous marsupial island in the world is undoubtedly one of the 10 most important places in Australia. On the island you will have the opportunity to approach its harmless locals and learn more about the preservation of Australia's wildlife.

On Kangaroo Island you can have contact with sea lions, wallabies, penguins, koalas and kangaroos course . You must remember that although they are harmless, you should not go beyond the safety zone, at all times you must be respectful with the wild life.

In Kangaroo Island there is nothing impossible, you can go hiking with its lovely locals, surf and scuba diving among sea lions, as well as enjoy the incredible gastronomy and the exquisite wines of the Clare and Barossa valleys.

4. Network Center

Grenville Turner

Uluru is one of Australia's most famous icons. Its location is in the heart of the Red Centre of Australia , is a landscape that means a lot to indigenous Australians, the best way to learn more about the majesty and spirituality of Uluru is a walk with an Aboriginal guide; Aboriginal guides tell fantastic stories and also lets you know more about their traditions.

Despite being an arid and harsh environment the National Park Uluru-Kata Tjuta is home to countless species. The famous Australian marsupials roam freely among the sands of this beautiful and unique red desert. If you want to have contact with the wild life it is best to book an excursion in all terrain, the guides will take you to the best places to have approaches with the kangaroos, walabies, dingos and emus.

5. Western Australia

A wonderful and indispensable region, famous for its long and sunny days. Western Australia offers fantastic cities like Perth , the beautiful pink lake in Kalgoorlie and dramatic coastline of Albany , plus if you visit this region between March and October you will witness a special and unique phenomenon.

Perth, the capital of Western Australia, is one of the most populated cities in the country. The captivating city of Perth is the fashionable city in Australia, bathed by the Indian Ocean with sunny and spectacular beaches, the most modern neighborhoods and a beautiful architecture that leaves no tourist indifferent.

If your are not the cities and you want to witness a very special phenomenon we suggest you to go to Broome beach. Broome Beach is one of the most beautiful of all the western region and is the site of an unparalleled event known as "Stairway to the Moon". This phenomenon occurs when the low tide coincides with the full moon, certainly a wonderful spectacle.

6. Sydney

One of the most famous cities not only Australia but worldwide. Sydney is home to a myriad of attractions such as its iconic opera house , the dock Sydney and quiet "Hyde Park" . The first time you visit Sydney, you have to go directly to the pier, the Sydney Pier is one of the most photographed places in the world. Enjoy a stroll around "Circular Quay", explore the royal botanic gardens and the beautiful home of Sydney Opera.

Circular Quay is known for hosting the trendy restaurants like the " Aria Sydney " where you can taste the delicious Australian food plus wonderful views or coffee Sydney, perfect to sample the delights of the coral sea plus views that will leave you breath.

An essential place in Sydney, the Queen Victoria Building , has a wonderful architecture dating from 1,890, perfect for shopaholics. Whatever you need you will find it at Queen Victoria, considered a first-rate destination for shopping addicts.

7. Melbourne

The capital of Victoria , a city with a vibrant style, culture and cuisine unmatched and the perfect destination if you want to know better Australians.

Melbourne is a wonderful city, you never know what you can find in the backstreets of the city. Fantastic food, extravagant fashion and bars that never close, are the main characteristics of Melbourne.

As soon as you reach the center of the city you will feel transported to the 19th century; Crossley Street has nothing to envy to Carnaby Street in London; Crossley Street is full of lovely cafes, bars, chic boutiques and restaurants.

The labyrinthine streets of Melbourne have become artistic spaces; Colorful graffiti decorate the beautiful lanes of Melbourne. If you are a rock and roll lover do not forget to go to ACDC lane and learn more about the history of Australian rock. Undoubtedly Melbourne is the alternative, modern and avant-garde city of Australia.

8. Canberra

If you ask anyone in the world ... What is the capital of Australia ? Very few they would hit ... many people think it's Sydney, Melbourne some even mentioned, but the truth is that the capital of Crocodile Dundee is Canberra!

Unknown, a unique treasure and full of attractions and is the capital of Australia, home to the house of the Australian Parliament , the National Art Gallery and War Museum; Located very close to the Australian Alps and the Murrumbidgee River; Canberra is famous for its festival of Floriade and party balloons.

In Canberra you have the opportunity to walk through the House of Parliament and see the Australian democracy in action, the sessions of the Senate and the House of Representatives are open to the public in case you are interested in foreign policy you can witness one of these hearings . The House of Parliament also houses various public galleries and exhibitions all open to the public and free.

In Canberra you can enjoy pleasant and colorful walks in the Commonwealth Park; If you visit Canberra during the spring you will certainly see the millions of tulips bloom, you will also witness the Floriade festival and the Night fest which consists of an entertainment of magical lights during five unforgettable nights.

9. Tasmania

One of Australia's must-sees is Tasmania and its 17 national parks. Tasmania is an island declared a World Heritage Site , thanks to its mesmerizing beauty and unparalleled features. Among the wonders of Tasmania we can highlight Wineglass Bay.

Wineglass Bay, considered one of the best flats in the world; Wineglass Bay is located on the peninsula of Freycinet. The beach forms a perfect arch, its sea has a unique sapphire blue, its white sand beach and to the horizon you will see the famous peaks of gray and pink granite, all these characteristics make of Wineglass Bay one of the most incredible places of Australia.

On the peninsula Freycinet you can also make trips around the bay and observe albatrosses, sea eagles and blue penguins. If you take the boat to Schouten Island you will have the opportunity to observe how the dolphins perform stunts in the water and if you make this excursion between the months of June and September you will also witness how the whales follow their migratory route.

Do not forget to visit the famous locals, "Tasmanian devil" do not let your name scare you, in fact, are endearing creatures and above all very timid. Always remember to be respectful of the delicate ecosystem of the island and the endemic species of Tasmania

10. Flinders Range

To complete the list of the 10 essential places of Australia could not miss the epic Flinders Ranges . You have plenty of options to explore this beautiful jewel of nature, either walking on the "Heysen Trail", driving an all-terrain by its sharp edges or flying over Wipena Pound.

If you want to visit the Flinders mountain range, you must first think about it, this excursion is perfect for adventurers, lovers of new and great experiences. What will you find in the Flinders Mountain Range? If you visit the Nature Sanctuary Akaroola you can meet the Walabi of rocks, birds unique in the region as well as having the opportunity to feed with native plants in the area.

Do not miss the opportunity to discover lunar landscapes in the Simpson Desert , opals and fossils in Coober Pedy , as well as many sacred places full of Aboriginal rock art near Lake Eyre and Oodnadatta track.

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