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What Kind Of Expat Are You?

Whether you can see glimmers of yourself in one of these categories or not, chances are you know an expat friend who fits perfectly. Although everybody has individual thoughts and feelings, the catalyst that propels people to take the plunge and move abroad tends to be for one of a few reasons. Chances are you have hard one of the phrases below, but which one do you resonate with most?

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I was sent here by my employer

Take your hats off to these expats, they often work an average of 46.4 hours a week. They are most likely to be found in India, Brazil or Nigeria. You can never quite tell with some of these expats if they are 100% happy with their relocation, but this could be because they have been up since 5am in back-to-back meetings and dream of Excel spreadsheets. You can tell which ones are happy with their exciting opportunity; Facebook is full of photos!

I just love travelling

More than likely, this individual ended up nipping to Thailand on their gap year and never returned home. Some people end up living a perpetually nomadic lifestyle, country-hopping and working a plethora of different jobs. This expat is likely to have been to some of the most intriguing destinations in the world; from Borneo to Uganda and beyond. They tend to live permanently out of a rucksack and have a passion for head bands and flip-flops. Kaftans are an optional addition.

I wanted a better quality of life

You are most likely to find these people in Australia, New Zealand or Canada. And, they usually come with a spouse and children! Expat families pour into these countries, looking to improve their lives and benefit from sunnier climes, better education systems, and the opportunity to live a more active lifestyle. However, many gap year or post-university students also head for Australia in particular; drawn in by a life of evenings in the surf and working in beach-side bars.

I moved for love

Usually falling for a local of the country they are living in, many expats end up moving permanently for love. 32% of expats, in research conducted by InterNations, reported being in a relationship with a person who hails from their adopted country. Peru is apparently the hotspot to find the love of your life; with 72% of expats in a serious relationship with a Peruvian. Greece, Finland, and the Philippines follow in the world rankings for number of expat/local relationships. Unlucky in love at home? Perhaps invest in a one-way ticket to one of these destinations!

I don’t know what I am doing with my life

There is nothing wrong with this expat, don't feel ashamed! Many individuals who come of university or a divorce get slapped in the face by real life and flee to foreign lands in search of…something. Granted, sometimes you just need a break from life, and kudos to you if this includes cocktails on tropical beaches! This expat fully understands that they need to get a plan together, but sitting in their dreary homeland enveloped in misery was not the way to do it. Living in a different country can give people a real confidence boost, helping those who feel a little down trodden garner some clarity.

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