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8 Wardrobe Essentials Every Kid Needs

It is quite easy for your child’s wardrobe to get out of control. Who says it is just the toy bin that overflows? You may not realize it, but your kid’s closet is also going to be full because they tend to dirty their clothes and so they need plenty of them to keep them covered. Moreover, just like their moms, kids also needs different outfits for different occasions. Yes, indeed. Kids have different outfits for playing, sleeping, going out both casually and formally and lots more. You need to have a spare of everything because you never know what will be damaged. Nonetheless, some things need to be thrown out eventually as kids outgrow them while others should be stocked.

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What are the wardrobe essentials that every kid is going to need at one point or other? Listed below are the top 8 ones that mothers should get to ensure their child is ready for anywhere:


Once your kid learns how to walk, all they are going to want to do is run. It is very rare to see kids walking along calmly as they usually like to rush towards whatever they see. Therefore, they need a good pair of sneakers that make it easy for them to run and reduce the risk of falling and injuring themselves in any way. Tennis shows are the safest option as this footwear will make it easy for your child to run around and their feet will also stay comfortable. There are plenty of colors and designs available and you can even let your child pick them out as per their style preference.

2.Play Clothes

All kids want to do is play. It is their favorite activity, regardless of what kind of game it is. However, they need appropriate clothes for it as well. Sure, your daughter looks super cute in a tulle dress, but this kind of fancy attire should only be reserved for special occasions. You want your child to be comfortable when they play and don’t want the fancy clothes to get damaged. Get some cotton tees for them and stretchy pants and trousers they can wear when playing. Sweatshirts are also a good choice.

3.Beach wear

Yes, not all children are swimmers and may not want to go swimming in the pool or at the beach. But, this doesn’t mean that they don’t like participating in other water sports. In the summer months, kids love running through the sprinklers or jumping in the fountain and you can ensure they are dressed for it and not ruining their other clothes.

4.Socks and underwear

Yes, it seems rather obvious, but most parents often make the mistake of getting these things in limited quantity. You need to remember that kids are young and they are not as attentive as you are. It is natural for kids to lose their socks on a regular basis or wear out their underwear. Therefore, they are going to need plenty of extras to keep them going.

5.Easy-to-wear pants

As far as kids are concerned, it is best to find pants that can be worn and taken off easily. Once they get older, you can get them all the fancy jeans and leather pants you want. But, right now, your priority should be to get them pants and trousers they can easily take off when they have to go to the bathroom and put on without needing any help. There are plenty of options including cargos and cords and simple jeans as well.

6.Dresses and Skirts

This is obviously applicable for female kids. They will want to pick out the colorful and trendiest skirts and dresses, but you should also ensure that they have these items in some basic colors such as navy blue, black, grey etc. These are neutral shades that work for all occasions. You should check the hemlines to see if they are appropriate and get some stylish and chic dresses that they will enjoy wearing.

7.Jackets and coats

Children also need to have a warm jacket for keeping them warm in the chilly and cold weather. They come in handy as they keep your kid safe and toasty warm. Different coats are also available for kids such as pea coat and trench coat. As a matter of fact, you can also find kids waistcoat these days for the kid who likes to be smart and stylish. There are some high quality waistcoats available that can be great for casual and even formal occasions for kids and are going to polish up your little one


Last, but definitely not the least, no child’s wardrobe will be complete if it doesn’t have an assortment of belts, hats, gloves and scarves that are needed according to the season or depending on the outfit.

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