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Are You Sidney's Type?

because she has a very definitive one.

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  1. Are you a relationship guy?

    Yes, I'm not into casual relationships, I want something real
    Yes, I'm a serial monogamist, but I really don't want a relationship right now... with you
    No, I like to keep things casual, no need for anything serious
  2. We get in the car, who gets to play the music?

    My car, my music.
    I plug in my phone, but you can play whatever you want
    Passenger gets the aux, I'm sure I will like your taste in music
  3. What show do you want to watch on Netflix?

    The Office, 30 Rock, Parks and Rec
    Bojack Horseman, Rick and Morty
    Law and Order, Criminal Minds
  4. What is your hair color?

    Dirty blonde
  5. Glasses, contacts, or perfect vision?

    20/20 vision
  6. Did you play sports in high school?

    Nope, I am not athletic at all
    Yeah, I tried team sports but mostly played recreationally with friends
    Yes, D1 bound, all-state athlete
  7. Politics?

    I don't really care about politics
    ... Bernie would have won the election
  8. Did you ever do debate?

  9. Pick one

  10. Do you eat meat?

    Yes, double bacon cheeseburger PLEASE
    I try to avoid it if I can
    Nope, committed vegetarian/vegan
  11. Drugs?

    No, my body is a temple
    I mean, I won't say no if it's free
    I probably have a problem
  12. Do you believe in God?

    Yes, I go to church every Wednesday and Sunday
    I am skeptical
  13. Are you gay?

    No, but like, if I was, nobody would be surprised
  14. Will you eventually destroy her emotionally?

    No, I truly care about her feelings
    She won't see it coming, but yeah lol

Are You Sidney's Type?

You got: Yup! You're her type!

Honestly please just stay away, for her own good.

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You got: Nope, not her type.

Probably the kind of boy she needs to date, but its not as if she would like you anyways.

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