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    Top 10 Best Deal Sites In 2016

    Looking for the best deals on the web for...just about anything? Here's a comprehensive list of the top 10 best sites for bargain hunters looking for discounted items in 2016.


    Missed Black Friday? No problem. These ten discount deal sites make it feel like everyday is Black Friday. And although there are thousands of deal sites out there claiming to provide top of the line products at a discounted price, only a handful make the grade.

    So after careful research, we are revealing to you the top ten discounted deal sites for shopping online in 2016.

    10. Amazon

    Ok so this one may seem kind of obvious but as we said, the list is purely based on discounted items so it can include the massive faceless corporate monsters as well as the obscure 'mom and pop' shops. In addition to their wide selection of goods, Amazon offers deals on second hand products and a wide array of fast delivery methods like Amazon Prime.

    9. DeaLight UK

    Ever wonder what happens to all the millions of iPhones that are returned to the manufacturer in 'good as new' condition? Are they thrown in the trash?

    Although Apple is a lot of things, they are not in the business of throwing away money. Customers are constantly returning unused phones and exchanging them for different sizes and colors. Although these products are good as new, they are still run through diagnostics to ensure future buyers enjoy perfectly functioning phones. These items are what electronic manufacturers call 'refurbished'. And the king of selling refurbished electronic devices is none other than DeaLight UK. DeaLight UK is the internet’s premier provider for refurbished and re-boxed electronic goods, allowing smart shoppers to save money on mint condition electronics at almost half the retail price

    8. Ebay

    We all know Ebay as the iconic ecommerce marketplace where members can buy and sell new and used items via auction. But due to fierce competition from rivalling online marketplaces like Amazon and Aliexpress, Ebay has implemented some neat new features to improve the user experience including the ability to sort lists by 'most-recently added' allowing you to see and compare the prices of your latest discoveries.

    7. Slickdeals

    Living up to their name, Slickdeals is mainly a community driven discount site. On Slickdeals, users display coupon codes and discount offers available at retailers throughout the internet for the community to capitalize on. It's almost like a social network for hot discounted items. The site sells everything from apparel to travel vacation packages and more.

    6. Aliexpress

    As the new online Marketplace that has both Amazon and Ebay shaking in their boots, Aliexpress managed to invade the ecommerce industry utilizing a business model of cheap, discounted items made in China. Despite the low prices, the ecommerce giant has been riddled in controversy including phony reviews by faux buyers. However they have also improved the user experience with new easy payment methods like AliPay.

    5. Groupon

    Everyone I know waits anxiously for the next big Groupon deal to pop into their inbox. Whether it's a pedicure at half price from the local nail salon or the half-price 16 oz. steak dinner at the nearest Texas BBQ, Groupon is the king of crowdsourced discounts. And while many other discount deal sites are goods from afar, Groupon primarily focuses on local service based goods with a business model that requires a large crowd of people to subscribe to the offer. This allows the local merchant to buy and sell in bulk. And Although their clients have often been accused of artificially inflating prices to give the facade of offering a steep discount, Groupon is still king when it comes to crowd based discounts with a presence in over forty-five countries worldwide.

    4. CheapoAir

    Thinking about that dream vacation in Hawaii? Wanna go trekking through the rocky shores of New Zealand? It's hard for internet bargain hunters to imagine booking a flight online through any site other than CheapoAir. CheapoAir offers cheap flight tickets, hotels and car rentals for anyone looking to travel on a budget. With the incredible rock bottom discounted prices CheapoAir offers, it's hard to imagine travel agents staying employed for the foreseeable future.

    3. FatWallet

    Fatwallet is a cost comparison site that allows users to publish discounts and rebates on various products and services. The site offers a "Coupons and Cash Back" rebate shopping whereby members can locate coupons and discounts from online retailers. Users can also enjoy a percentage of purchases made via referral links to affiliated retailers. FatWallet has paid its users over $28 million since 2005.

    2. WalMart

    Although the bulk of Walmart's business is still (impressively) brick and mortar, they do have a an online marketplace where you can purchase items at some of the lowest prices in North America. They even have a feature on their site called the 'Savings Catcher' whereby If a local competitor has a lower advertised price,

    you get a Walmart eGift Card for the difference.


    As one of the oldest deal and coupon sites on the internet, BensBargains was created by founder Ben Chui when he was only a sophomore in college. Chui claims that because they have been around for so long, they can access "exclusive deals" and provide advanced notice of "upcoming offers". The deal site also gives away all sorts of cool prizes to its users including iPod nanos, iPhones, iPod Touches, and Nintendo DSes.

    Is there a deal site you feel should be on the list? Feel free to tell us in the comments below.