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The World If Everyone Shared IRL Like They Share Online

Logging off is a blessing, tbqh. There is no such thing as oversharing with Shared Rides from Sidecar. Now your ride is cheaper than ever.

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1. Instead of posting ultrasound photos on your wall...'d staple them to telephone poles in your neighborhood.
thinkstock, 2.'d staple them to telephone poles in your neighborhood.

2. Instead of posting a humblebrag for your friends and followers...

Janna Travels / CC BY / Via would just brag to anyone who happens to be around you. Like a weirdo.

3. Instead of telling your friends and followers they "survived" a purge...

thinkstock'd congratulate friends that you're still friends when you hang out.

4. Instead of sharing a cute video of your kids on your feed... / Via'd bring them to the office and demand they perform in front of everyone.

"AGAIN! AGAIN! Just like we rehearsed."

5. Instead of responding to a message with an emoji...

James Lamon'd carry masks and props in order to communicate your emotions.

6. Instead of sharing your fitness milestones... would wear clothes from high school and then mention it to everyone.

"I haven't worn these since 1999! Pretty freaking crazy they still fit, right?! Did I mention that I lost 72 lb last year."

7. Instead of posting a political opinion you know is controversial...

picturelyon / CC / Via would make outlandish remarks in regular conversation.

8. Instead of sharing your quiz results on your wall...

BuzzFeed'd write your SAT score, your Myers-Briggs, and your STD test results on your forehead with a Sharpie.

"I got an 800 on critical reading. And mathematics. Combined."

9. Instead of posting a music vid with the caption "omg I hate this so much"...

Via would blast the song at a party and yell over the music.

10. Instead of posting mysterious updates about some personal tragedy...

Cliff Howard / CC / Via would make cryptic announcements at city council meetings.

11. Instead of doing a daily count for a challenge...

IntraducinMista / CC / Via'd still count, but loudly and in public.

12. And finally, instead of filtering your photos into oblivion...


"I can't wait to print these and hand them out to all of my friends."

Share as much as you want. Share as much as you can.

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