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15 Hilariously Dated Fitness Tips For Women

Outmoded, outdated, outrageous health and beauty advice for women by women. Maybe you could give them a try? You don't even have to finish the housework first.

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"Hot baths should never contain water higher than pelvic level. That is

another tip I owe to my gym instructor - the part of the body underwater and

the part above should be kept in balance. Above all, the bosom must never

soak in the tub. Hot water only drags it down, and no woman wants that."

The Beautiful People's Beauty Book: How To Achieve the Look and Manner of the World's Most Attractive Women (1971)


"Do not wear cheap shoes about the house. They will make your feet shapeless. The dyes in cheap stockings often run. If you have a slight skin abrasion or cut, you may get blood poisoning. Hence pay more for your stockings (silk, lisle or silk and wool) rather than risk infection."

Florence Courtenay – Physical Beauty (1922)


"For slightly faded ladies, I am a great believer in a glass of red wine at least once a day with lunch or dinner, and every night and morning a good massage with pure turtle oil."

Jane Gordon – Home Beauty Treatments (1943)


"If you like liquor, have it straight. Mixed drinks add calories and fluid. A straight whiskey will get you where you want to be as quickly as a Manhattan, and you’ll be thinner when you get there."

Polly Bergen – Polly’s Principles (1974)


"Any stubborn lump of flesh can be squeezed off….It works perfectly well on all parts of the body, hips, thighs, waist, anywhere in fact except the breasts. Never squeeze or massage the breasts. First, cover your hands in massaging cream. Take up handfuls of flesh, squeeze hard, then let slip through your fingers like mashed potatoes."

Sylvia of Hollywood – No More Alibis (1934)


"It is a mistake to suppose that hair piled up on top of the head can add to apparent height. To do so, only puts the eyes in the wrong position."

Francis Mary Steele and Elizabeth Livingston Steeles Adams – Beauty of Form and Grace of Vesture (1892)


"Exercise not philosophically and with religious gravity undertaken, but [with] the wild romping activities of a spirited girl who runs up and down as though her veins were full of wine."

Lola Montez - The Arts Of Beauty (1858)


"Standing at the ironing board, tighten buttocks, thighs and stomach muscles. As you hold iron, use tension. Take plug out of wall, then use cooled iron as weight, pushing upward and then bending in to shoulder. Alternate to other arm, 8 times each arm."

Get Your Shape In Shape (1969)


"Because so many hours are spent by us in the world of business, we felt it essential that we include some suggestions which can be put to use during your working day – whether salesgirl or secretary, receptionist or researcher, telephone operator or typist.

Place your hands on the outer sides of the filing cabinet. Keep feet flat on floor about 30” apart, and contract stomach muscles as you press palms against the cabinet, feeling tension. Hold count of 6. Relax. Repeat 8 times."

Get Your Shape In Shape (1969)


"Cake mixers make life so easy, too easy. Instead of using that electric cake mixer, take the old fashioned spoon, and holding stomach in, grip mixing bowl close to rib cage with tension inside of elbows, and with other hand, beat number of strokes required. Taking care not to drop the bowl, switch hands.

After you have cleaned the kitchen, time for gardening."

Get Your Shape In Shape (1969)


"When vacuuming, bend knees and take long sweeping movements, so that arms get a good stretch!"

Get Your Shape In Shape (1969)

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