• Ron Burgundy’s Ass-Kicking Brother!

    In the 1970’s, Maurizio Merli had a stare as cold as a frozen margarita, a head of hair that looked as if it had been whittled from oak and a mustache so thick and lustrous grown men would weep in its presence. He also starred in some of the greatest Italian action films ever made. Stay classy, Naples!

  • Danzig Interview 1986

    Glenn Danzig is both awesomely hilarious and hilariously awesome. He’s a character that inspires both fevered awe and stifled guffaws. This interview from the June 1986 issue of Thrasher has all the wondrous self aggrandizing and borderline farcical statements I’ve come to enjoy and love from the man. It also features a photo description that reads: A dark corner of toys in Glenn’s room.

  • ‘Lost’ Alfred Hitchcock Movie

    What with all the hype over Hitchcock of late with both Toby Jones and Anthony Hopkins recently playing the famed director I thought it was worth taking a peek at one of his ‘lost movies’: 1963’s The Working Class.

  • Watts Club Mozambique!

    Hey remember when stripping wasn’t all Magic Mike ‘Lawbreakers’, but a gentler time with synchronized finger guns (pkew, I shot you girl!) and faux humping Chucky dolls?

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