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21 Little Moments That Brighten The Day Of Every Call Centre Worker

"The systems are down."

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4. When a customer has the same name as a celebrity, and they don't pick up on your oh so subtle hints you drop to show that you know.

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"Yes Mr Tee, I pity any fool who wouldn't want to help you save money on your monthly bill."


10. Getting taken offline for training.

Getting to play with marker pens and a flip-chart for a bit is a great break.


19. And the ones that are total good eggs.


Rare, but there are some that just leave you grinning and with a renewed faith in humanity. You know the following call will probably start with, "RIGHT! Get me your manager! NOW!"

20. When you're not the last one in the canteen.

Nobody wants five cold chips and a burnt sausage for their dinner.

21. Actually fixing a customer's problem and them being super grateful.


This happens, I swear. Yes, it's what you get paid to do, but hearing someone delighted with your help can almost make being the last one in the canteen worth it. Almost.