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21 Life Struggles Of Living In South Tyneside

For those who are below the banks of the Tyne and Newcastle, but not quite in Sunderland, it's a bit of a different world.

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1. Explaining why you're not technically a Geordie, but still sort of are.

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You can cling to technicalities of the ever expanding definition of the term "Geordie", as you technically are. Besides, they'll only assume you're from Sunderland if you explain it any further.

2. Travelling on the Tyne and Wear Metro with an irate Geordie driver shouting at some kids and the remnants of a McDonald's on the seat next to you.

3. Deciding which Greggs is the one for you.

In South Shields 1 Greggs just isn't enough!

OK, so this isn't there anymore, but it happened. It really happened. It was there for a while too, and, to be honest, it was a tough choice.

4. Having your thrill ride options be limited to Ocean Beach Pleasure Park.

Flickr: rickframe

The option of spending all your money on the arcades or having a go on the waltzers is a tough choice, though there's always Quasar Laser.


5. Explaining a saveloy dip to anyone who has never sampled this meaty treat.

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It's saveloy in a bun, with stuffing, pease pudding, and then it is lightly dipped in the saveloy "gravy". Or, for an easier explanation: It's the best thing you'll ever eat.

8. Having to tell people where Jarrow, Hebburn, and even South Shields is.

Google Maps

"Near Newcastle" tends to be the easiest explanation, but our towns stand up on their own too, but yeah, near Newcastle if you're not sure.


9. The rowdy nightlife.

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Fishbowls of oddly coloured drinks in the first bar was never going to end well, and throwing shapes to cheesy pop in Glitterball (okay, "Gutterball") rounds out every night.

10. Getting asked if you watched Hebburn... over and over again.

BBC / Via

The BBC show put one of our towns on the map, which leads to lots of people asking how accurate it was. To be fair, not far off, we just all wish Vic Reeves was our dad now.

11. Shopping splurges at The Metrocentre, and carrying too many bags on the bus home.

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A bit of everything to be snapped up, it's a given you'll be struggling with far too much on the way home. They were all a bargain though.


14. School trips to the Catherine Cookson Museum and Bede's World.

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Bede's World was in danger of closing recently, and it was wonderful to see people fight for its lasting legacy. If we had our school trips there, so should the next generation. Bonus points to anyone who still has their shoplifted Catherine Cookson museum pencil sharpener from the gift shop.

15. No more Geordie Jeans.

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Where will I get my Eclipse jeans from now? Remember when they changed tack and started selling band T-shirts, clothing a new generation of goths? If you were really lucky, you'd see Flora from Byker Grove working in the South Shields one.

16. The Great North Run.

Flickr: Jeffrey Chan / Via Flickr: jeffreychan

Once a year, a lot of people run towards South Shields. You're normally roped in to sponsoring friends and co-workers, if not doing it yourself. It's an incredible event that raises a lot of money for charity – just don't try and get the metro that day.


17. Choosing a football team.

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Well, Gateshead aren't far off league football, and South Shields have Julio Arca now. But it's usually a straight choice between Newcastle and Sunderland. A choice between unrelenting misery and disappointment, and unrelenting disappointment and misery.

18. Not knowing Muhammad Ali had his marriage blessed here.

Keystone / Getty Images

July 1977, one of the greatest sportsmen of all time had his recent marriage blessed in South Shields’ mosque, wearing a striking all-white suit. He even had a go at darts after.

19. And not knowing Patrick Stewart was from here.

Michael Kovac / Getty Images / Via Flickr: shankbone

The legendary actor spent much of his childhood in Jarrow. Star Trek would have been very different had he spent any longer here; you can’t march through space…