30 Mini Schnauzers Who Have Just About Had Enough Of Dressing Up

The longer you leave that thing on, the longer they have to plot their revenge.

2. One minute more and I’ll fill your boots.

3. Carrots help you see in the dark? That’s when I’ll get you.

4. Are you proud of yourself? Hot dog. Really.

5. You said I’d look like David Beckham.

7. I’ve just made this unusable.

8. My revenge will be in 3D.

9. If only you had a brain.

10. Where are the knitting needles kept?

11. This is childish.

12. I think you need your head examined.

13. You can’t call me flower if you want to.

14. Some suffer for fashion. I will make you all suffer.

15. Is your hand warm yet? I hope so.

16. Waterproof? I’ll eat your money and leave no proof.

17. You can go to cosplay alone this time.

18. Are you implying you wanted a Boxer Dog?

20. I’m not too chicken to carry out revenge.

21. I think I saw some chocolate in your stocking.

22. If I give a paw wlll you take this thing off?

25. Spare the young one.

26. I really think this is too much.

27. ORLY? I’ve made you a poop deck.


28. Take them off now or you’ll be under the sea.

29. Elvis is dead and so are you.

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