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How To Make The Most Epic Sandwich Ever

Warning: may cause scurvy.

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It’s sandwich that comes with a historical pedigree.

Dating back to the Edwardian period, the Shooter's Sandwich was created as a portable meal to take on hunting trips. You could make it with chicken, with cheese and vegetables or even leftovers. Traditionally, you'd use loads of tasty steak.

Think of it as the sandwich version of a beef wellington.

Sian Meades for BuzzFeed

Two juicy steaks squished into a crusty loaf with a rich mushroom and shallot mixture. All smothered in spicy horseradish and mustard and pressed into portable, sliceable tastiness.

And here’s how you make it:

You will need:

Two rib-eye steaks.

A round crusty loaf (choose one that's roughly the same shape as the steaks).

400g mushrooms.

200g shallots.

The tasty extras: 75g butter, dijon mustard, horseradish sauce and a splash of brandy or red wine. And as much garlic, salt and pepper as you like. And some parsley, for erm... health reasons.


Then the mushrooms.

Sian Meades for BuzzFeed

Finely dice your mushrooms and shallots, then fry in butter on a low heat. Cook until softened and there's no moisture left (too much moisture will make your sandwich soggy). Add some crushed garlic and a splash of brandy or wine, along with a hefty dose of salt and pepper. Finish with the chopped parsley and it's practically a salad.


Time to get heavy.

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Weigh your sandwich down with everything that you can find. That complete works of Shakespeare you pretend you've read is a good start. And a huge dictionary, and a West Wing box set.

Protect your sandwich from thieves and bad guys.

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Keep somewhere cool for a couple of hours and then continue to squash in the fridge for at least another four. Go for a long walk, go to the pub, just get the hell out of the house and think about something other than your amazing sandwich.