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Scott Bryan 2 years ago

This Artist Draws Insanely Detailed Illustrations Using Just A Ballpoint Pen

Andrew Browne draws inspiration from pop culture to create his contemporary idols.

Sian Butcher 2 years ago

Can You Beat Ant & Dec In This Fiendishly Difficult Classic British TV Quiz?

To celebrate the return of Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway, we got them to take a difficult TV quiz. It's nearly impossible for you to beat them.

Scott Bryan 2 years ago

14 Very Real Superpowers All Northerners Have

We're basically grittier X-Men.

Karl Mercer 2 years ago

This Map Will Help You Find British Black History In Your Area

From forgotten heroes to major landmarks, discover what went down in your neighbourhood.

Chris Applegate 3 years ago

If You Can Get Over 50 In This EU Referendum Game You're A Legend

How many votes can YOU get into your ballot box?

Tom Phillips 3 years ago

7 Hilarious Quotes From "My Dad Wrote A Porno", Illustrated

To celebrate, we decided to illustrate some of the most memorable quotes from Belinda Blinked, the book at the centre of the first season, and got the presenters' reactions. (NSFW, obviously.)

Scott Bryan 3 years ago

13 Young People On How They’ve Been Fucked Over By Previous Generations

From housing to LGBT rights, here's what BuzzFeed staffers from across the world had to say about the burdens the young people in their countries have adopted from older generations.

Rachael Krishna 3 years ago

These 9 Words Mean Something Completely Different In Argentina

Everything has two meanings down south.

Conz Preti 3 years ago

9 Weird Ways Argentines Talk About Sex

Some of them are actually kinda cute.

Conz Preti 3 years ago

32 Ways You Can Keep A Man Interested

Men like an animal in the bedroom. Sneak into his room when he’s not around and leave a parrot in there.

Jasmin Nahar 3 years ago

We Pitted These Budget And Luxury Dry Shampoos Against Each Other And Here's What Happened

"This is the crack of the dry shampoo world." What would bring our greasy locks to life best?

Remee Patel 3 years ago

We Made A Drinking Game For "I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here" Australia

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, let's get shitfaced tonight.

Mat Whitehead 3 years ago

All The "Star Wars" Fan Art You Didn't Know You Needed

You have the feels, we have the art.

Will Varner 3 years ago

12 Emojis That Scotland Deserves To Get In 2016

If we don't get a Saltire soon, we might have another referendum on our hands.

Iona St Joseph 3 years ago
Ben Henry 3 years ago

What Would You Look Like As A Penis?

A little bit NSFW, due to dildos and cartoon dicks.

Alex Finnis 3 years ago

33 Everyday Words With Hilariously Punny Double Meanings

Esteemed entries from the Uxbridge English Dictionary, via I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue

Dan Dalton 3 years ago

If Harry Potter Moved To London In His 20s

Harry Potter and the Uber He Got When Drunk Despite Being Able to Apparate

Hannah Jewell 4 years ago

Can You Make It Through Our Ghost Game?

You are a ghost. Can you collect all the goths while avoiding the wizards?

Chris Applegate 4 years ago