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Want Perfect Skin? Start Here.

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A good skin care routine should be an essential part of your everyday routine. No matter what skin type you may have, a good regular cleansing regimen is critical for your skin’s health. Not only does a good cleansing rid your skin of any leftover makeup, it also eliminates any sweat and environmental impurities from your skin’s epidermis (the surface of the skin).

The first step - A good skincare routine always start with the cleanser you choose. Many cleansers are treatment specific, aiding in numerous problems and will support many issues associated with aging. It is very important to select and continuously use the correct cleanser for your skin type, never use regular body wash soap on your skin. Studies have shown that regular body soap's tend to raise your skin’s alkaline level, which is common in dry skin. Having a good PH balanced cleanser that will leave your skin clean, silky and fresh is the key.

The second step - Your daily skin regimen is balance and toning your skin. Toner is magic in a bottle; it can restore your skins PH levels that might have gotten off track after the cleansing process. Toner also rids your skin of excess product left on your skin from cleansing. Not only is it refreshing, it works! A good toner will aid in improving your skins texture, refine pores and provide vital minerals and vitamins that benefit skins health.

The third step - Lastly, your routine should include moisturizing your skin. This by far is the most forgotten step with extreme importance. Adding moisture to your skin keeps it well hydrated and prevents your skin from producing an over stimulation of oil, which significant for oily skin. It is a very important step for people with oily skin must remember to cut down excess oil added to your skin and prevent dry patches. Moisturizing is also very important in the anti-aging process, keeping the skin accurately moisturized is proven to prevent, diminish or soften fine lines associated with aging.

Bonus Tips!

What about Exfoliation?

A good skin exfoliation routine is also important for your skincare health and very valuable for many reasons. Exfoliation can rid your skins top layer surface and any dead skin cells that may exist. It is truly a great way to provide a much needed deep cleansing and will help your other products become more effective. Exfoliation is recommended 2 – 3 times a week, however, more gentle exfoliates can be used daily if needed.

Using a Facial Mask

Facial masks are known to give your skin grace, hydration and elasticity. Some masks help absorb excess oil from your skin and can also deep cleanse your pores. Acne sufferers benefit from masks with salicylic acid, while those with dry skin and rosacea benefit from mask with an oatmeal base. Masks are great ways to prepare your skin for consistent makeup applications. They are also claimed to give your skin a smoother complexion, diminish fine lines and even skin tone.

Repeat daily and

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