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    Zendaya Wore A Suit That Michael B. Jordan Wore Months Before, And People Are Losing Their Minds

    "Zendaya is so powerful, she simply wore a suit and has the Internet shaking."

    So, this weekend, Zendaya attended the Harper's Bazaar Icons party in NYC and had the NERVE to look this good.

    I mean, the AUDACITY!!!!

    The HAIR. The SUIT. The SMIZE. Even her hand in the pocket is TOO👏 FREAKING👏 MUCH👏.

    Look, I'm not overreacting. It wasn't just me. Everyone and their mother was losing it.

    me whenever i see zendaya in a suit

    please don’t stop putting those pics of zendaya in a suit on my timeline if i couldn’t see anything ever again that would be the last thing i would want to see truly

    Zendaya is so powerful, she simply wore a suit and has the Internet shaking. You btches can’t even spell impact.

    Then, soon after the pics surfaced, people realized that the suit looked kind of familiar. 👀

    That's because Michael B. Jordan wore the same Berluti suit to the Vanity Fair Oscar party this February.

    As you can imagine, people had a LOT of thoughts, one of the main ones being, HOW?!?!?

    the entire world has agreed that Michael B Jordan is fine as hell so HOW did Zendaya come out here and out-dress him. how.

    Mainly, how did we get so lucky? I mean, Michael B. Jordan AND Zendaya? In the same look? A blessing.

    Points were made.

    The fact that the "who wore it best" bullshit is finally able to transcend gender is making me emotional. Anyway, the answer is obviously Zendaya.

    But at the end of the day, even Michael B. Jordan himself conceded that Zendaya wore it better, "hands down, no contest."

    An ICON.