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This On-The-Water Screening Of "Jaws" Just Might Be Scarier Than An Actual Shark

LOL, I'll pass.

Ok guys, I get that it's summer and people are trying to find fun ways to enjoy the nice weather. For example, by seeing an outdoor movie.

Michael Buckner / Getty Images

Looks fun, right?

Not so fun? This terrifying-as-hell living nightmare also known as an on-the-water screening of Jaws.

Sarah O'Connell / Via Twitter: @SarahO_Connell

Run by Alamo Drafthouse and FandangoNOW, the screening — which is a tradition at Volente Beach Water Park's Lake Travis in Austin, Texas — allows fans to "relax" and enjoy the summer thriller from the comfort of their own inner tube.

The event's website entices moviegoers with this little message:

Imagine relaxing on an inner tube with a cold drink in hand on a perfect Texas summer night, your feet languidly dangling in the calm Lake Travis water. Now imagine you’re also watching the greatest thriller ever made, projected across the water while unknown terrors threaten from the watery depths...

Now, there are some crazy folks out there who really love this idea.

Nothing cool like this would ever be in my area :/

But a lot of people are on my side and agree when I say that this screening is not for the faint of heart or easily-spooked.

the last thing i'm doing is watching jaws in a large body of water

In a world where sharks swim in brackish & even sometimes fresh bodies of water? No thx

Clearly, the only reasonable explanation.

is this some weird type of fear therapy

Best to just not go at all so that we can avoid this situation...

okay but after a while, your body's going to be all pruny and you'll probs catch a cold so.

...and this asshole.

I'd probably be the one hiding under water and scaring people 😂

Honestly? Same.

My friends would be like “dude there’s shark in here” I’d fall in the water man nonono

And everyone give it up for this winner who is SPEAKING 👏THE 👏 DAMN 👏 TRUTH 👏.

@salemmitchell I could be floating in the bath and the thought of a shark still would have me flying out of there. Just in case.

Case in point.



  1. But, who knows, maybe I'm the crazy one. Would you attend this screening?

    But, who knows, maybe I'm the crazy one. Would you attend this screening?

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But, who knows, maybe I'm the crazy one. Would you attend this screening?
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