Viola Davis Shared What She Noticed About Chadwick Boseman While Working With Him On His Last Movie

    "You didn’t see any of it.”

    In August, Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman died at the age of 43, after a colon cancer diagnosis.

    Chadwick Boseman

    Since then, his costars have been honoring his memory by sharing stories of what it was like to work with him.

    This week, in a new interview with Zora, Viola Davis talked about working with Chadwick on his last movie, Netflix's Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom.

    Viola Davis smiling at the camera

    “He was extremely tired," the Oscar winner said, remembering Chadwick. "But, there’s a lot of tired people in the business, especially people in his position."

    Chadwick lying on a bench in a basement while men with instruments stand in the background

    “In hindsight, I noticed all the wonderful people he surrounded himself with were always praying over him and meditating over him, and I thought that was part of what he demanded or [how he] created that sacred space. I didn’t know they were just trying to pour life and energy into him."

    Viola Davis and Chadwick Boseman acting in a scene and receiving instructions from the director

    "He would just fall asleep standing up, but boy, when that camera rolled? You didn’t see any of it."

    Viola Davis singing at a microphone with a band behind her

    “He was not chasing the green, not chasing the money, just chasing the work,” Viola continued. “He had a willingness to let go of ego and, almost an insistence, to leave Chadwick Boseman at the door, and leave that Black Panther-making-a-billion-dollars at the door.”

    Chadwick Boseman wearing a suit and staring at the camera while men tune instruments behind him

    This just confirms what we already know — Chadwick was incredibly talented and a pure soul. He will be missed. RIP 💔.