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    Updated on Sep 13, 2020. Posted on Sep 12, 2020

    19 Jokes Women Shared On Twitter That Made Me Cackle To Myself

    "🤣🤣🤣🤣" — Me, right now.

    It's that time again — new week, new roundup of hilarious tweets from women!


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    I need everyone to understand that millennials don’t have printers at home. Please. I’m so tired of driving to print and scan documents.


    I was preparing to work out for the first time in a month and pulled a muscle trying to squeeze into my yoga pants. So that's that.


    Can’t believe my mom was a teen mom (27)


    "Are we still on?" - An attempt to cancel


    i don't know if yall feel me but.. september, october, november is the LMNOP of the year


    Person: *asks a simple question* Me, oversharing:


    I wish I could say “???????” In real life, it would be very useful


    Me writing about men like bad male authors write about women ‘He charged into the room, pert testicles bouncing gaily. I saw a scar & wondered if he’d had a vasectomy. He opened his plump lips, full of promise but annoying words came out...something about a football match’


    Been laughing at this for 20 minutes

    Text screenshot: "Hey do you have any available spots September 12?" "Hello no I don't" "BITCH FUCK U" "Lol ok." "Ain't shit funny weak ass hoe...I'm so sorry I thought u said hell no i don't" "Lol ok have a nice day."




    imagine your card declines at the waxing center and they glue your coochie hair back onto u


    a short story of how my night went 😭😭😭



    Exaggerated message from grandpa about how he was doing well before receiving a text message in the middle of the night causing him to panic, fall out of bed, injure himself, breaking windows, being arrested, then paying for an Uber home


    I asked this dude if he needed “help” in the shower and he said “no I’ve been doing it since I was little” and went and showered by himself


    what if we kissed.... in the goth-o-lantern bucket......haha just kidding...... unless?



    i sit with my daughter while she falls asleep and i always whisper “i love you” in her ear as soon as she falls asleep& she says “i love you too” well tonight we had a little argument before she fell asleep i still whispered “i love you” & all she whispered back was “good” LMFAO


    “does your person have a mustache?”

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