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    16 Jokes From Women That I Can't Stop Laughing At

    "Job offers be like: 'We need a virgin with 2 years experience in sex.'”


    Me @ the scholastics book fair in elementary school wishing my mom sent me with more money



    My mother-in-law wore a wedding dress to my wedding. So, yeah, top that one, Twitter. #weddingfail @jimmyfallon


    Me, after drinking 8 glasses of water and eating kale



    Waffles loves for me to pet his paws, whenever I stop he gets serious, and whenever I pet him he smiles 😂😍


    Him: She’s probably texting another guy rn Me @ 12am not being able to fall asleep and bored with literally no one to text whatsoever:


    [during sex] Me: hurt me Him: your metabolism isn’t what it was in high school and it shows Me: wait Him: you never lived up to your potential because you rely on talent instead of work ethic & immediately abandon everything you’re bad at because you’re afraid of failure


    Black Mirror is still trying but Smart House starring Katey Sagal remains undefeated


    My Netflix prank show idea: Women agreeing to meet up with the guys that send them unsolicited dick pics, but when the guy arrives, its actually their mother waiting for them.


    me a housewife, greeting my husband after his 16 hour shift and I haven’t cooked or cleaned


    Job offers be like: “We need a virgin with 2 years experience in sex”


    in case you don’t have me on snap..he tucks himself in when he’s ready for bed ♥️


    you can tell how sad someone was at school by how much they attached themselves onto their English teachers for a sense of stability


    everyone is telling me to post this so Incase you missed my snap story 😭😭😭


    Being the older sister is such a stressful thing like one minute I’m parenting then the next I’m helping my sister do shit she’s not supposed to be doin just because I want her to have fun & enjoy her youth