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    23 Times Female Friendships Made TV The Best Place To Be

    "Thank you for being a friend...Your heart is true, you're a pal and a confidant."

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which female friendships from TV were their favorites. Here's what they said:

    1. Kate and Madison, This Is Us


    "There's something special about Kate and Madison from This Is Us. They didn't like each other at first, as Kate believed Madison was just one of those privileged, skinny girls who wanted nothing more than attention. However, in Season 2, they bonded after Kate became pregnant and wanted to marry Toby, and Madison worked to beat her bulimia. They grew and became very supportive of each other, despite being different." —silencesilence

    2. The women of The Golden Girls


    "My best friends and I are just like Rose, Blanche, Dorothy and Sophia from The Golden Girls. We bicker with each other, but then two seconds later, we're telling each other how much we love one another. People even call us the "Golden Girls" at work." —kristenk4741751f0

    3. V and Fiona, Shameless


    "My best friend Megan and I are totally V and Fiona from Shameless. We love to have a good time, but we can pull our shit together when one of us needs the other." —jaylabattle2

    4. Liz and Jenna, 30 Rock


    "My friend and I are just like Liz Lemon and Jenna Maroney. We're complete opposites who've been together for way too long and we know all of each other's stupid stuff and embarrassing moments. I'm the Jenna, and she's the Liz making me presentable to society." —selwaqt22

    5. Eleanor and Tahani, The Good Place


    "My BFF and I are like Eleanor and Tahani from The Good Place because when we were in middle school, she would get herself into trouble with some of the obnoxious popular kids and I would get her out. It was honestly kind of amusing." —lunawolf1216

    6. The girls of Pretty Little Liars


    "My friend group and I are basically the girls from Pretty Little Liars. When we started watching it in high school, we each cast ourselves as one of the main characters. When we went to college the show kept our friendship together. Now, we’re all in our mid-20s, still best friends, and we even have tattoos for each of our characters because the show kept us together while we lived apart in different states." —emmajhuening

    7. Marissa and Summer, The O.C.


    "My best friend and I always talk about how similar we are to Marissa and Summer from The O.C. Marissa’s party-girl lifestyle and Summer's tendency to hide behind a facade really describe us. Although they’re different, they’ll always have each other’s backs, just like us." —oreo915

    8. Abbi and Ilana, Broad City

    Comedy Central

    "Abbi and Ilana from Broad City for sure! I love watching it because it reminds me of the relationship I have with my best friend." —kugali

    9. Dawson and Shay, Chicago Fire


    "I stumbled upon the show one day and I told my BFF about it. Now we both love it. We often compared our friendship with Dawson and Shay's on the show. We have each other's backs; we know that we're both adults and can handle our lives okay-ish, but we still stop and remind each other that it's okay to slow down. We have our big fights — not talking for days, or even weeks — but we both end up apologizing to save our friendship back. Our bond is stronger than ever." —winaalkerchief

    10. Leslie and Ann, Parks and Recreation


    "My best friend and I are absolutely Leslie Knope (me) and Ann Perkins (her, she’s even a nurse)! I’m a bit hyper and in your face with a lot of opinions. My best friend of eight years is the sweetest, most caring person you’ll ever meet, but also doesn't take any shit." —ungracefulfaith

    11. Rachel and Monica, Friends


    "My bestie and I have always compared ourselves to Monica and Rachel from Friends. She’s the responsible one who's always there for me. We’ve been friends since middle school and we definitely relate to their relationship because they’re like sisters." —olivia1998

    12. Cristina and Meredith, Grey's Anatomy


    "For me, it’s Grey’s Anatomy. I started watching the show because I saw some Cristina/Meredith memes on Pinterest. As I watched the show, I would call my best friend in the middle of the night and comment on how alike we are to the show's characters. As someone with a fairly hostile personality (like Cristina), my best friend is sometimes the only person who understands me and sees the softness underneath (like Meredith). Grey's Anatomy has made me feel closer to my best friend as a result." —ajiscristinayang

    13. Anna and Maya, Pen15


    "It just came out a few weeks ago, but I'm obsessed with Anna and Maya on Hulu's Pen15. They go through awkward middle school friendship ups and downs, but at the end of the day, they are there for each other. Their friendship is hilarious, relatable, hormonal, honest, and real. It makes me nostalgic for my BFFs from middle school." —haylscomet23

    14. Rory and Paris, Gilmore Girls

    The WB

    "Though I do think Rory and Lorelai are mother-daughter goals, I feel like Rory and Paris are really special together. Although they started out rough, Rory and Paris always pushed each other, and stuck by one another during everything."


    15. Grace and Frankie, Grace and Frankie


    "My best friend and I have been BFFs since practically the day we met, and I would definitely say we are exactly like Grace and Frankie. She’s 100% the hippie in my world, and very eclectic and creative. She is so free-spirited and that’s what I love about her. I, on the other hand, have definitely been told I take things too seriously and need to let loose every once in a while. I am a bit more conservative in my daily life and much more concerned about how people see me than my BFF is. But, we balance each other out and that’s why we’ve been BFF “weirdos” for over 20 years." —jessican19

    16. Issa and Molly, Insecure


    "Definitely Molly and Issa's friendship from Insecure. It's super relatable, and I love how different they are. They also represent a type of black female friendship that exists, but we never get to see on TV." —lindokuhlemkhutshwa

    17. Maggie and Emma, Playing House


    "Like Maggie and Emma, my best friend and I have a crazy good shorthand and know when something’s totes kewl (or NOT totes kewl). We’re always on board (if sometimes reluctantly) with whatever crazy adventure the other has cooked up ('Proud Mary' costumes are still a work in progress for us though!). I know I can count on my best friend to drop everything and be there for me whenever I need her. We’re two sisters who (have you heard) are doing it for themselves!" — Christine Shanahan, Facebook

    18. Poussey and Taystee, Orange is the New Black


    "They’re always having fun, but they still challenge each other."


    19. Amy and Rosa, Brooklyn Nine-Nine


    "They may be very different people, but they do their best to understand and support each other. I especially love the episode where Amy is nervous about being seen as "too soft" by the beat cops if she talks about wedding dresses, and Rosa tells her to focus on her own happiness instead of what others think of her." —Zoha Baig, Facebook

    20. Cheryl and Toni, Riverdale

    The CW

    "Before they started dating, they kind of hated each other. But after they really got to know each other, they had an amazing friendship that turned into love."


    21. The girls of One Tree Hill

    The CW

    "They had their ups and downs, but this made their friendship stronger. At the end of the day they were always there for each other." —madanne112

    22. The girls of Skam


    "The five girls from Skam — Eva, Noora, Chris, Vilde, and Sana — are some of the best female characters on TV. They accurately depict life as a high school student now and are so relatable. They are so supportive of each other and are always there to help each other out. They are actual feminists and definitely subscribe to women helping women. Their genuine love for each other is so uplifting." —slytherpuff

    23. Jess and Cece, New Girl


    "My fave female friendship from TV would have to be Jess and Cece from New Girl. They’ve been friends for a really long time and always have each other’s backs, no matter what." —aztecwater

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.